Zhu Jianjun: The symbolic meaning of various images in image dialogue

There is no completely separated gap between the general symbolic image and the image of the original image, and they can change many ends.

For example, a man has a good opinion of a girl. In every dream, he will dream of different women.Different small animals dream of flowers.Dreaming of stream.Dreaming of Caiyun, and he knew that these symbolized her, the transformation of her image in dreams, and the symbolic image of this girl.

The difference between these non -original image symbols and original imagery (also called the original image) is that the former is the symbol of the real characters of the outside world, or the symbol of emotions and complexes in the heart.The symbol of the deepest spiritual existence in the heart and the inherent existence.

1. Animal image

Generally speaking, the symbol of the animals in our dreams and imaginations is the same as the character of this animal in this personality.Of course, the significance of an animal will not be so simple, and it can also have other meanings.The image of some animals seems to be a prototype.


Gu Shimeng’s book says that dreaming fish means making a fortune, sometimes this is the case.In terms of homophonic, the word "Yu" of "rich" is the same, so some people dream that fish are related to "rich".In addition, "Yu" is also the same as "fish".The fish painted in the New Year’s painting is "more than".But fish indicates that wealth is not just because of its pronunciation.From ancient times, fish represented wealth in people’s minds.Perhaps because of the primitive people, it is wealth to hit fish.

There was a dream prove that a man dreamed that there were many fish in the sea, and several people went to the sea to fish.He also wanted to fish, but he was afraid of sharks, so he didn’t go down.Later, he was determined to go to the sea and no longer worry about sharks, but found that there were few fish in the sea.

This dream writes the experience of many contemporary people.At first I wanted to do business in the sea, knowing that I would make a fortune, but I was afraid of danger.By the way, sharks are also fish, but in this dream, it does not represent wealth and represents danger.This exception is not difficult to understand. When people mention sharks, you first think of it will not be its flesh, but must be its teeth.Besides, when the person was brave and planned to go to the sea, he found that the money had made people earn, or it was not so easy to make money, because there were fewer fish.Fish is also representative.I do n’t know if you have been to the Banpo site of Xi’an, there is a pottery bottle with fish and bird pattern, which draws a fish with a big mouth and swallow a bird’s head.You think, who has seen or heard that the strange things like fish and birds eat birds must be extremely rare even if there is such a thing.Why is the primitive people willing to draw this kind of painting?If you take a closer look at the fish and bird pattern, you will be clear.The bird’s head was like a penis.The shape of the fish mouth is very similar to the cross section of the vagina, which is very similar to the anatomical knowledge of the primitive people.So this means sexual intercourse.

In a lecture, Jung mentioned that fish, especially fish living in the depths of the ocean, indicating low -level centers that people psychologically, indicating human sympathetic nervous system.This statement is also very reasonable.In my experience, fish often symbolizes subconsciousness or human intuition.In some artists’ dreams, it represents mysterious and difficult inspiration.


Snake is one of the most commonly used images of people.The content of the snake is rich.First of all, snakes expressed nature, especially male genitals.From the shape, the two are indeed similar.

Poisonous snakes often symbolize harmfulness.For example, raped.But poisonous snakes or snakes can also indicate poison and harm that are not related to sex, and hate.Resentment and so on.

Snakes also represent evil, cunning and deception and temptation.This is the same as the image of many myths and snakes in folklore.In the Bible, the snake seduces Eve to eat forbidden fruit.Snakes are often seen as animals and devil messes in hell.It dragged people to dark.False and evil, and the means it uses is mainly temptation.Folklores, snakes eat frogs to take the initiative to capture. Once the snake finds frogs, stares at it with eyes.At this time, the frogs were as hypnotized, and they would jump into the mouth of the snake step by step.In people’s minds, snakes represent such a hypnotic temptation.Therefore, when people find that someone is tempting and very evil, it is called a poisonous snake.

Therefore, the snake in the dream may be a person who is evil, cunning, accustomed to deception, and a seductive or charm of hypnotic or charming.

On the other hand, snakes represent wisdom, a kind of wisdom and profound intuition wisdom deeply in the heart of people.Jorde pointed out, "Medical God Eski Latius is connected to snakes … In the temple of Esklepia in the temple of Esklepia in the temple of Esklepia. This clinic isA hole, the entrance of the hole and a stone block, there is a holy snake in the cave. There is a hole on the stone."In the Chinese folk, the superstition of snakes is also psychologically based, that is, snakes symbolize wisdom in human psychology.In ancient China, people regarded the snake as a sacred object, and the image of Fuxi and son -in -law was the first snake body.The image of the dragon is also related to the snake, but the dragon is generally no longer evil, and it is more powerful than the average snake.In God’s life, it is often said that dragons or snakes guard the treasure in the hole. This treasure is the kind of wisdom, the kind of insight into human nature.

Physically, snakes represent the spine, and the lesions of the spine are represented by the injured snake.From the perspective of yin and yang, snakes represent yin.

Snakes also have some other characteristics, such as cold -blooded, so snakes can symbolize a person’s emotional indifference, and then like a python, or swallowing people.Because snakes can also symbolize a human emotion, he (she) is entangled with you, making you breathless; or, he or she cares for you.sex.A mother who loves the child may become a big snake in her child’s dream, and she wants to swallow the child.


The birds fly in the sky. It does not follow any tangible things, just based on the invisible wind.Therefore, he mainly represents freedom, and also represents nature, direct, concise, and vain.

Bird represents an entrance to the spiritual power of the person (characterized by the sky).In God’s life, the bird is the messenger of the gods.Sometimes this bird is related to the sun.The sun is generally used as a symbol of truth (light) and new life.

Eat rotten meat birds -Wuying, Bird Crows, Birds, etc. are connected to death.Real predictive dreams are rare.Therefore, the death in dreams is mostly expressing your anxiety about death, your own or other people’s death.

Such a dream, another means, your subconscious tells you that some of your habits, negative attitudes, etc. died.You should develop.

Birds can also be sexual symbols.As mentioned earlier, there is a kind of fish and bird pattern on the colorful pottery in the Banpo site. It is impossible for the fish to swallow the bird’s head into the mouth of the fish swallowing the bird’s head.EssenceWhat really happened was the sexual relationship between men symbolized by a woman symbolized.

The flying of birds can symbolize the strong sexual ability of men, and the fall of the birds can indicate that men are incompetent.

Thinking of birds in imagination often represents their own personality, and is a kind of personality that likes freedom.Of course, what is the specific personality look like, to see what birds are you thinking about.

For example, a woman’s imagination is a brocade, which means that her grace is very elegant, and it shows off herself, like a beautiful brocade.

Once a girl imagined a peacock, the peacock is as beautiful as the brocade and show off themselves.However, I told her that the peacock has other characteristics. She is very confident, very aggressive or aggressive, and represents the psychology of "suppressing or restraining people.

The woman who imagined the peacock itself does not know that the peacock has these meaning. In her mind, the peacock is a beautiful and kind and mild bird.However, she found that what she thought of the peacock did not have the same personality as the peacock in her mind: this peacock was standing between "between the yin and the world", and was guarding the door of the Hades, so as not to let the "ghost" come out.

I don’t feel strange, because in the myth of a nation, the peacock is the king of the prefecture.And in the Buddhist scriptures, it is also said that the peacock has a strange feature, that is, she eats toxic fruits.Other animals are poisoned by poison, and peacocks are just more powerful after eating poison.The symbolic meaning of "poison" and "ghost" is similar, both representing unhealthy psychology. Peacock poison is a symbol of restraining unhealthy psychology.Moreover, these unhealthy psychology is transformed into strength by peacocks.This symbolizes the conversion of negative emotions such as anger, but has brought benefits, such as making this person dare to adhere to his own interests.


The dog is characterized by loyalty to the owner and fierce to the enemy.It is often used to symbolize morality, self -constraints, self -requirements and discipline or psychoanalytic psychology.Police are the defenders of the behavior of social behavior, namely the law, and the dog in your dreams is the defenders of your inner behavior norms.A good police officer should have a keen sense of smell and can quickly find the trace of the thief; they ca n’t chase it until they caught the thief.The same is true of dogs in dreams.Dogs are anti -thief. The so -called thief is those desires and thoughts that are not self -moral in their hearts.Dogs are the conscience that people usually call.

Those who imagine dogs generally have "dogs" nature, upright, responsible, and friendly.


Galvinhur collected thousands of American dreams, and statistics found that the most animals in the dream are horses, followed by dogs and cats.In China, no one has done statistics, but with my experience, there are not so many dreams.Galvinhar believes that horses are the symbol of wild animals.Horsepower is extremely strong, energetic and reckless.Therefore, male sexual desire is often expressed.Admi Domers in ancient Greece believed that Ma represents female sexual desire.When Freud analyzed the plot of a child’s mother -in -law, he found that the child regarded the horse as a symbol of his father.Of course, it is also the sex of his father -a symbol of his mother.

I think that the most appropriate word is "publicity" in the character symbolized by the horse.He is vibrant, chic and handsome, but the most important point is publicity.Therefore, people who are like horses are eye -catching.


Cats are often used to symbolize mysterious, wild and gentle people, mostly women.They are lazy, beautiful and cute.They are a little selfish, a little temper, a little greedy, sleeping, a little cunning, but they are still loved by men.Because of their kindness, the kind of softness makes people love.

But this is just what cats look like during the day, and cats at night should be completely different.The cat’s eyes were bright at night, and the laziness looked like during the day.Cats are very cruel to the mice. They caught it and they are not eating immediately, and they have to tease it. It depends on the hopeless struggle of mice.At night, cats have to make spring, and their lust is vigorous.


For Westerners, bats is a terrible animal. As a night animal, it can symbolize the subconscious content related to early trauma experience.On the other hand, bats can also symbolize the wisdom of intuition.Because bats can fly in darkness, which can symbolize intuition.

In China, "bat" and the same voice, sometimes dreaming of bats symbolize happiness.Not only that, treating all kinds of animals symbolizing intuition, the east and the West are different attitudes.For example, cats, foxes, snakes, hedgehogs, and bats are not liked in the West, and they are not necessarily in the East. Sometimes people like or even worship them.Maybe Westerners don’t like intuition themselves.


The wolf symbolizes all kinds of things in his heart.Especially you think it is "animal", attack, and destructive.Maybe your fear is unreasonable or from childhood trauma experience (such as love father and mother -in -law complex) instinct.

A psychologist has a memory that does not know whether it is true or false: he was very ill when he was a child and almost died.The mother hugged him to take a car far away to see the doctor.The place where the car is driving is the wilderness of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau.He remembered that a wolf followed him outside the car and looked at him.

We think that this memory is not necessarily reliable, because it is difficult to keep running with cars like this.This is likely to be his hallucination.However, the image of this wolf is meaningful: on the one hand, she is a fearful image.She seemed to be a god who was waiting for his soul.On the other hand, the wolf represents his mother, representing a protective god who comforts him.The wolf can represent the mother. We know that in Rome’s myth, the founder of Rome is a person who has been raised by the mother wolf.


Xiong is awkward in people’s minds, but has power.The meaning of the bear in the dream of Westerners is different from us. In the West, the bears have the following meanings:

Men’s psychological female ingredients.

Symbol of mother, real mother, or wisdom that can be obtained in subconscious.

Or, just a symbol of subconsciousness.


Represents extremely insignificant little people.


The character of the lion is majestic, powerful, and brave.The lion’s personality is authoritative and has the temperament of the king. However, the other side of the authority is that he likes to protect the weak and protect his friends.The lion is a majestic and loving parent.The lion is also generous.

I think Xiao Feng’s image in Jin Yong’s novel "Tianlong Babu" is like a lion.


Tigers are as brave and powerful as lions, and they are just as majestic.However, the personality of the tiger and the lion is different. The lion is more group -like, and the tiger is more independent. Tigers are not like a lion.The tiger’s character is outgoing, lively, and bright.

If the imagination is a little tiger, his characteristics are mainly bold, lively, lively, and angry.If the imagination of the tiger is an adult tiger, it must be calm.If a person with a "tiger" personality is frustrated, he will live lonely like a lonely wild tiger.


The timid person is very clever.


Represents the restraint -because spiders will be connected to the Internet.But spiders are sometimes represented, because its hairy paws make people think of pubic hair.Spiders sometimes represent their mother, representing the mother who controls the child tightly and grabs firmly.Such a mother may also love the child during the day, and the child is also very affectionate with her, but in the dream, the dreamer will be afraid: the spider wants to eat him.

Second, the image of transportation


Car may represent your own body or your emotions. The direction it goes means your life path.Charles Legfter is a psychologist who has studied dreams. He believes that "just as the relationship between people with riders and horses in the Plato era" shows the same relationship between themselves and their desires.Desire to be controlled by yourself.

Therefore, dreaming of a bad steering wheel indicates that it cannot be controlled, dreaming that the wipers of the light or the phoenix glass indicate that the direction is unclear, the dream of the oil is finished, it means lack of energy.

For example, a young man dreamed that he was a big official, drove to inspect, and found that the land was desolate, the land was cracked, and the crops on it were withered. The local farmers were so poor that he couldn’t help crying.Essence

In this dream, the big official was his evaluation of himself.He has always been very arrogant and believes that he should be a big man. He drove to inspect and say that he was driving his own consciousness to observe his field. The desolate land is to his body.Total evaluation of the mind and career.

This person went to a school’s psychological counseling department for a medical consultation department for a bad health and masturbation.

If you are just a passenger, it means that you have not mastered your life or some other parts.So who is driving what kind of subconscious mechanism is controlling your life?Or, who controls you?

Bus can also represent yourself, and passengers represent parts or elements of your personality or psychology.

Cars can also symbolize a small environment, such as a family, a team, etc.

A lady dreamed that she had no seats on a bus with her husband.

The air conditioner should be installed in the car. It needs to be closed and sewed with mud, but the sewing fork is cracked.The dreamer thinks that there will be more electricity in such sewing.

This dream can be understood as: the dreamer couple did not live by themselves, but lived with a certain party.Bus represents the home that everyone shares.No seats indicate that there is no status or position at home.The dreamer confirmed this explanation and said that some time ago, the family wanted to install air conditioners, so that their husbands and wives would pay for money, and she was a bit afraid of spending -this corresponds to the electricity in the dream.And the kind of situation that wants to be closed and unsatisfactory reflects her private space with her desire to have her own privacy.


It also symbolizes his body or mind.Someone dreamed that his girlfriend and his classmates rode a bicycle and were very jealous.This is a symbol of sex, and the two are riding a car to express their sex.

Another example is also a dream. In the dream, she put the key to the bicycle behind a school podium, but in the battle between the school’s principal and others, her key was bent.

This person’s bicycle symbolizes her own thoughts, symbolizing the key to opening her soul.However, there were some conflicts between her various education, but she did not know who she was.


The ship is related to water. Like water, it can symbolize women. For example, the feminine part of your heart, or mother, motherhood.

The boat can also be a female sexual symbol, and the shaking of the boat can also be used as a sexual interpretation.

The ships that leave their country’s seaside are symbolizing that they have entered a strange field.

If the boat crosses a narrow water channel, it symbolizes death or starts from one stage of life to another, or starts a new life with the past.

In Greek mythology, the death messenger used a boat to cross the soul through the underworld.There are the same belief in China.


The train is timed, so in addition to all the meaning of the car, it can also symbolize time.Era or timing

Third, the image of the clothes


Clothing is a person’s appearance, because clothes often represent the appearance of people.Also, when people do not dream of someone directly in their dreams, they often use clothes to represent people.Just as "skirts" often represent women in ancient poems.Clothing can also symbolize hypocrisy, because clothes are a cover.Clothing is a symbol of identity, because the status of a person can be seen from the clothes.The clothes may also represent the characteristics of the person, just like the product is painted with the product.

The imaginary clothes also symbolize the characteristics of personality.The style of the clothes is character, and the color of the clothes is a symbol of personality tone.


Shoes are the most common to symbolize the opposite sex or marry.As the saying goes, "Marriage is like shoes, but you know it if you don’t fit."


Sometimes it only means hats.But it is often regarded as a symbol of sex.It can also represent men.

Fourth, the image of items


The phone symbolizes the information in the subconscious.It is difficult to communicate with your own or other people’s subconscious communication.There is a horror movie in Japan called "Midnight Bell", saying that there is a mysterious phone call, and the person who receives the phone will die within a week.The mysterious telephone in this movie is also a symbol of subconsciousness in the symbolic sense.

TV set

The meaning of the phone is similar.If in the image dialogue, the visitors saw TV in the imagination house, and I generally let him continue to imagine: "What did you see in TV and what are the TV?"A reflection.


The bottle can symbolize female organs.

If there is something in the bottle, the thing in the bottle means its symbolic significance.

If the bottle is empty, it means empty.


The box can also be used as a sexual symbol of women.

You can also represent yourself, your own heart.This meaning is very similar to the meaning of "house".The open box means you have aware of yourself.If there is something valuable in the box, it may represent your true, basic, or deep self, and rich energy and strength.Wisdom and love.

If this box makes you fear, like Pandora’s box, which is full of plague -like things, then it symbolizes at least the following three possibilities:

Symbol of your subconscious power, instinctual impulse, and hidden emotions.

If you are a man, this box may represent the negative component of women, she seduces you to destroy, or represents the autocratic and hinders your independent mother.In this case, you should contact your female ingredients, or (and) to re -examine your emotions to your mother.

The source of disaster.Is there anything worry about you in your heart, family or working environment?


The lamp often shows the guidance of wisdom and rationality.Because the lamp is bright, it can illuminate the direction of people.

Lights often symbolize vitality.


Sometimes money represents money itself.For example, some people who are economically embarrassed dreamed of picking up a lot of money, and they were extremely happy, but unfortunately they woke up, and the money in the dream disappeared.He sighed: "If I saved the money into the bank in my dream at that time, then I could at least spend at least during the next dream -although I was a poor when I woke up, I could be a rich man." Another like it was likeSomeone dreamed that he lost his wallet. He went to see the second morning and found that the wallet was well placed in the handbag, but the handbag was opened.So she quickly repaired the handbag.This dream was the "primitive person in our hearts" found the wallet and reminded her to prevent losing money with a dream.

Money can also represent value.A girl dreamed that there was a shiny coin on the ground, and she took a closer look at a sputum.It means that she thought that someone or something was valuable. Later, it was discovered that the person or the thing was not only worthless, but also disgusting.


Sometimes symbolic.Women dreaming that men hold weapons to attack her often representing men’s sexual desire for her.In a dream, when a woman rushed over by holding a knife and gun, she was often scared to escape, but in fact, these dreamers needed a man to treat her with a more active and aggressive attitude.What the dreamer is really afraid is the desire in her own heart: I hope to be conquered by a man, and hopes that men will have her sexuality.

Men dreaming about weapons is sometimes representative, especially when the "opponent" in dreams is a woman.But at other times, it represents attack.hostility.anger.

However, most of the victims and attackers of the attack are you, and they are different parts of your heart.sometimes.Weapons are used for self -defense to fight terrible enemies, which often shows that your life is too nervous and anxious.


Folk legend stool means wealth.Dreaming of dung will make a fortune.In the past, it was really like this, but now it is basically not.why?Because there was no fertilizer in farmers in the past, there was no fertilizer. If the crops grew well, they had to apply feces.Therefore, feces means fertilizer.When farmers dream, they use crops to represent themselves. They grow well when they have dung crops.Money is equivalent to man -dung for crops.Therefore, feces represent wealth.

Now it ’s different. Do n’t say that people in the city do n’t need manure, that is, the countryside does not need fertilizer as fertilizer, and it is enough to have fertilizers.Therefore, if a farmer wants to use money, he may dream of fertilizer, and it is not possible to dream of dung.Only those who are older, who have been picked up before, dreamed that dung may represent wealth.

Now, dung mainly means dirty and tired.

The article is selected from "Who am I" -the image dialogue interpretation of self, author: Zhu Jianjun

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