Zhou Sheng is as good as the accident, and the accident is pregnant. Zhou Sangchen is excited

Zhou Shengru, the Galnan Xiang (238) Chapter 238

Shi should return to the room, lying on the bed, and the lower abdomen was still faintly painful.Zhou Shengchen brought her a glass of brown sugar ginger water, "drinking hot."

At the moment when I saw brown sugar ginger water, Shi Shi should hold it and did not reach out.Zhou Sangchen thought she was uncomfortable: "Don’t drink?"

"No, I suddenly remembered one thing." Shi Shi took out his mobile phone and glanced at the calendar. "I have been postponed for half a month." At the end of the semester, she was busy with her homework, and she had forgotten such an important thing.

"How many days?" Zhou Sangchen didn’t hear clearly, and he asked again.

"Half a month is fifteen days." Shi Ying suddenly was angry.

Zhou Sangchen put down the cup and turned to give a jacket when he turned: "Let’s go."

"Where to go?" Shi Yi was scared by his response, and suddenly said to go. Where can they go?

"Hospital." Zhou Sangchen called Xuan Yu, and after a while, Yun Yun and Yun Yu came over with a bag.

Shi should be dressed in a jacket, she is lazy and does not want to go out at all.Especially the outside is so cold.Yunyun pulled her hand: "You can test it first, see if you are pregnant. If we are pregnant, we go to the hospital.

"Will it be pregnant?" Shi Shi asked, and she was confused by herself.

Zhou Shengchen raised his brain and thought about it, "It should be a bit." He was already in the six gods.

Shi Yi went to the bathroom with a pregnancy test stick, and showed a weird smile at him: "I think it is likely to be pregnant."

If it was really pregnant, Zhou Sangchen was afraid in his heart.They got off the plane and should hold dozens of pounds of suitcases, which is too dangerous.He said, "Maybe not …"

"I have a hunch." Wu Yu said, "You are all married, what’s good? Even if it is normal."

Zhou Sangchen repeatedly said: "Yes, it is normal."

Shi should wait in the bathroom for five minutes, and she watched it from a bar to two bars.I couldn’t help shaking my hands, and I almost stood unstable, which happened to be too.They did not have any pregnancy plan at all, and even the Chinese medicine that Aunt gave Zhou Sangchen would not take it.The time of time is always working first. The child came to be silent. She couldn’t even remember which time she couldn’t remember.She had been listening to the friends around her before that she did not dare to believe it unexpectedly.Now that it happens to myself, I dare to believe that this accident is really there.

"Shiji, are you okay?" Zhou Sangchen asked softly at the door of the bathroom.

"You can come in." Shi Yi said.

Zhou Sangchen pushed in, and Shi Yi handed the pregnancy test stick to him with a complicated face.

"What does this mean?" He asked.

"What do you say." Shi Yi didn’t know what he should laugh, or what other reactions gave him.

Zhou Sangchen stared at Shi Yi for a while, and then slowly said, "Are you really?"

Shi Shi nodded, hey.Her response was not happy or sad, making Zhou Sangchen a little confident: "Didn’t you say, do you like children?"

"Like it, but will it be too early?" Shi Yi said, and lowered his head and touched his belly.

In this low -headed movement, Zhou Sangchen looked softly. He stretched out his hand and hugged her gently: "It’s not early, it’s not early, maybe this is the fate of us with children. Everything has me, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what are you?Don’t worry about it. "

Shi Yi said.Zhou Sangchen helped her out of the bathroom and said to Xun Yu: "Let’s go to the hospital first, you drive, I should be together."

Yunyun said, "I’m going together." Saying her hot water bottle in her hand handed it to time, "holding warmth."

I came to the hospital late at night and did a simple examination. The child has been more than a month. The small abdominal pain is painful. As long as it is not very severe, it does not have much relationship. Don’t mention heavy things, don’t jump, pay attention to rest.

Take one night in the hospital and do a detailed examination tomorrow morning.Just now on the way, I should check the information on the Internet. They all said that the pain of small abdomen had a threatened abortion, which was scared to panic.At this moment, the child is fine.She was relieved and lay on the bed, and she found out that in the subconscious, the child was actually important to herself. Even if it was an accident, it was not in the expectation.

Zhou Sangchen accompanied, quiet, neither of them spoke.After a while, Zhou Sangchen said, "Is my stomach hungry?" I didn’t eat much for dinner.

"Don’t be hungry." Shi Yi pointed to the sofa on the side: "You go to the sofa and lie down, it’s so late."

"I’m fine, I worry you."

"Do the doctor say it’s okay?"

"I shouldn’t let you take such a heavy thing."

"How can I have so fragile." Shi Shi smiled lightly, "Don’t think too much."

Zhou Sangchen responded: "I can’t believe it all, I feel like I am dreaming."

"I also feel like dreaming, but the reality is that you are really going to be a dad. Calculating time, now it is January, about October, you can meet your children." Ten monthsNot short, say that it is not long.

"It’s amazing …" Zhou Sangchen exhaled softly, and he and Shi were in a state of completely circled.All of this is too sudden, too suddenly.Obviously there is no preparation, and I don’t even know that in that case, they will conceive their children.

"Zhou Sangchen, how old are you this year?"

"Seems thirty -four?" His mind was chaotic, and he was not very clear about his age. He only remembered that he was twenty -five years old. They had appeared in each other’s life for five years.With her, I lived so fast, blinking, five years have passed.

"Thirty -four years old to be a father, it’s good." Shi Yi smiled and held Zhou Sangchen’s hand with a smile, and his palm was warm.At this moment, the emotions of joy slowly came up. "Since it comes, we will take good care of it." She began to accept, this beautiful fact.

Zhou Sangchen smiled, he didn’t know what to say, and his mood was fake.Because of being too excited, he didn’t know where he was going.In fact, the best one will always happen inadvertently.In addition to grateful at this moment, I am still grateful.

"I’m going to be a dad …" He kissed the back of his hand when he kissed, and looked at the woman in front of him affectionately, "It’s just, it’s hard to work hard."

"Hehe …" Shi Shi nodded, "Well, for you and children, it is worth it."

To be continued

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