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Ms. Sun asked: I got married three years ago. After marriage, I had always wanted a baby with my husband, but never pregnant.I went to the hospital for examination and found that my left fallopian tube was unreasonable.

We are invalidated by many medical treatment. Before we are preparing to do IVF, we hope to transfer Chinese medicine for conditioning.I have breast swelling, poor sleep, dry mouth, irritability, dry stool, once every 2 days, and cold, cold, cold, cold when I get angry.

How to condition in Chinese medicine?

In addition, my girlfriend wants a baby, but was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome.Can Chinese medicine regulate patients with polycystic? Does she still have a chance to get pregnant?

Zhao Huifang (Deputy Director Chinese Medicine, Zhang Zhongjing National Medical Museum special expert) Answer:

Hello, patients, like you, may belong to liver stagnation and kidney deficiency, stagnation cell palace, and should use the liver to relieve depression, nourish the liver and kidney, and promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis.After insisting on the conditioning of Chinese medicine for a while, you can successfully conceive.

Many people feel that suffering from polycystic ovary means that they cannot conceive. In fact, this idea is wrong.Polycystic patients are just women who are normal in all aspects. The chance of conception is small and is not infertile.

At present, Chinese medicine has a mature diagnosis and treatment plan in the treatment of polycystic ovary infertility. There are many successful cases in clinical practice.Affected by hormones, most of the obese people, daily also need to pay attention to diet, exercise in moderation, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and treat physical conditioning.

I will take a clinic of the Hei Medical Museum of Zhang Zhongjing’s Museum of Medical Museum at the East 100 Midu Road on the East of Heyi Bridge on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

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