Zhen Huan Biography: Zhen Huan returned to the palace with 3 flaws. Why did the emperor not investigate?

Zhen Huan has been calculated many times since he entered the palace.

To say that the most severe calculation is probably the storm of "dripping blood". Zhen Ye was almost sent away. Fortunately, there was no danger.

This turmoil, in terms of the doubtful personality of the four uncle, is difficult for Zhen Huan to retreat throughout the body.

But Zhen Huan was able to be in peace.

The big background of the whole thing was that Zhen Huan had a pregnancy back to the palace, and the palace suddenly rumored.

After all, Zhen Huan has left the palace for a long time, and now he suddenly brings back the ball, which is inevitable to recruit people.

Regarding this matter, don’t talk about others, the old fox of the four uncle really didn’t doubt it?

I think there must be, after all, the four masters are really doubtful.

Moreover, Zhen Huan couldn’t stand the scrutiny.

According to time, when Zhen Huan was at Ling Yunfeng, the four uncle’s age was almost 50 years old.

Although it has not yet reached the high age, it is not a young man.

This situation made Zhen Huan’s possibility of only one pregnancy.

This is also one of the reasons that the twins have always suspected that the twins are not the birth of the four uncle. After all, the chance of pregnancy is really small.

The month of Zhen Huan’s pregnancy is actually a month earlier than the four uncle’s pets, so her belly looks bigger than normal.

This flaw has aroused doubts of the four uncle and queen queen.

When Zhen Huan saw the queen mother, the queen mother also deliberately mentioned, "Is the concubine’s belly so big in five months?"

Fortunately, Zhen Yan said that her belly was a twin, and at the same time, Wen Taiyi had diagnosed it and couldn’t think of it.

This only made the queen mother and four uncle dispel doubts (in fact, the queen mother still didn’t believe Zhen Ye, otherwise she would not send bamboo to see the children on the day of her production).

Zhen Huan was scared to fall into the sedan seeds because of the collision of Ye Lanyi’s cat, so that she gave birth to a dragon and phoenix tire.

From the perspective of this matter, Zhen Ye was forced to produce prematurely, but in fact it was smooth production in the month.

The queen queen also sent aunt around her to visit.

Aunt Zhu said whether he could look at the dragon and phoenix tire, Zhen Ye’s expression became particularly nervous for a moment.

Because premature babies are naturally different from normal children, Aunt Zhu can see at a glance that the pair of dragon and phoenix tires are not premature babies at all.

The above three flaws are actually very fatal, and they can’t stand carefully.

The reason why the four uncle kept closed was mainly because his subjective consciousness selectively believed in Zhen Huan.

This is like getting along with people. One party is willing to believe in the other. Even if the excuse is sometimes bad, it will still be accepted.

The four uncle believes that Zhen Huan is subjectively, and it is more drenched in the blood dripping.

The queen questioned that the elder brother and the princess did not say that the four uncle said: The concubine of Gui Gui was pregnant and then gave birth to premature birth.

The four uncle immediately answered: The concubine was bumped in the night cat.

Why is the four uncle here so fast?

It can only be said that the four uncle had thought about it countless times in his heart. Believe it or deceive himself. In short, he did not intend to doubt Zhen Ye.

Immediately afterwards, Qi Gui was unconvinced: Why did the cats in the palace go to the people for no reason, and rushed to the concubine of the concubine.The word, unless this is basically the period when the pregnancy of the concubine has arrived, the excuse for covering people’s eyes.

At this time, Zhen Huan, who had always been able to argue, was silent, after all, she was really guilty.

The four uncle could not be answered, but he could see what he wanted to say, but he didn’t know how to say.

At this time, Shen Belle suddenly visited and argued for Zhen Huan.

The four uncle looked relieved.

It is conceivable that in this storm, not only Zhen Ye was nervous, but the four uncle was also nervous.

He didn’t want to destroy a happy life that he lost and recovered today.

Some people say that since the four uncle believes in Zhen Huan so much, why do you still advocate blood to recognize his relatives.

There are two reasons here:

One: Queen and chess are dead. At this time, do not do it, and they cannot calm down.

Second: Although the four uncle chose to believe Zhen Ye, it was certain that he had doubts in his heart. After all, so many evidence was in front of him.

It is worth playing, when Zhen Huan proposed that the blood of the two of the two of Wen Shichu and the sixth brother was sufficient.

The four uncle did not hesitate and quickly agreed.

Obviously this detail can also verify what mentioned above.

The four uncle did not oppose the blood testing relatives mainly to calm the incident.

If he insists on understanding the truth, he will definitely use his own blood to verify.

Just like because of the King of Guojun, after he began to doubt Zhen Huan, he allowed Xia Yan to collect his blood and the blood of Liu Ge.

It can be seen that the four uncle at this time really love Zhen Ye.

For Zhen Huan, he can deceive himself, and to change his temperament for Zhen Huan.

Even though he already doubts the blood of the twins, he doesn’t want to check it thoroughly.

In fact, when I first watched the blood test, I was convinced by Zhen Huan’s team and his on -site response ability.

After all, it is really thrilling, but now we look at it.

The behavior of the four uncle is really abnormal. Whenever he has a trace of heart to investigate the matter, Zhen Huan cannot escape smoothly.

Unfortunately, in the end, the two still failed to return to the past. They regretted some of them and a little sad.

That year, Xinghua slightly rain, you said that you were the King of Guojun, maybe it was wrong from the beginning.

I think if the four uncle is not the emperor, but the ordinary king, he and Zhen Huan may be able to love each other in peace.

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