Zhang Zetian was pregnant with the second child?IntersectionHe was also photographed to visit the supermarket with Liu Qiangdong …

“”Oh my god, see what I have brushed on the weekend …

Zhang Zetian is shopping with Liu Qiangdong, and Zhang Zetian (second child version)

Just like a netizen said, every time the two of them went on the news, they would step on the sensitive point of the people.

However, this was a little deliberate, more like news that Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian took the initiative.

"There is no one -person supermarket", "smooth shooting unattended", "multi -angle occasionally encountering photos".

What is the purpose of their active media this time?It is probably three points:

1. Express confidence in the trial of sexual assault cases; 2. It may be in the second child of Meisheng; 3. The relationship between husband and wife is strong.

Let’s recall the East case that shocked the entire network in 18 years

In 2018, Liu Qiangdong was arrested for sexually assaulted female college students. Liu Qiangdong acknowledged the relationship and did not recognize rape.The results of the trial were: insufficient evidence and was convicted; in 2019, the female student claimed $ 50,000; in April 2022, the Liu Qiangdong case will be canceled in a public hearing in the United States.There are too many contradictions before and after evidence, and its motion is likely to fail.For more than a year of evidence collection and non -public court trial.This trial revealed a large number of videos, witnesses videos, and written testimony.The case was officially opened at the end of September (this month).

Few people still remember that the case has not been closed, and the second trial is likely to be this month.

At this critical point point, Zhang Zetian’s intention to accompany Dong was obvious, "stabilizing the heart of the army."

After all, 18 years of storm, JD’s stock price plummeted, a phrase "keep the clouds and see the moon" stabilized the remarks of all parties, chose to face it with Dongzi, so that the stock price of JD.com, which had plummeted, stopped falling.Step back.

(Sure enough, the draft has come out …)

Why did Zhang Zetian do this?Because she is fulfilling her duties of cooperating and entrepreneurship in Zhang Zetian & Liu Qiangdong.

1. Marriage is like opening a company

We advocate the ideal marriage based on love, but it is inevitable that the essence of marriage is an economic system.

In "History of Human Marriage", Westmark pointed out that marriage is often greatly restricted by economic factors, so its essence is "solid marriage" rather than love marriage.

Economist Xue Zhaofeng also once said: "Marriage is like running an enterprise, a contract, a family business, and a futures contract with a lifetime wholesale."

To put it simply, that is, the two sides take out their own resources and come out to run a business. The resource pack given by both men and women is different, and the returns obtained are early and late.(The inequality of the return of men and women is another big topic, there will be a chance to talk about it next time)

The essence of disassembling marriage with extreme "systems" is: one is an emotional employment mode, and the other is the partner mode (corporate system).

Employment mode: Full -time wife has no income, relying on her husband to provide homes, treating the wife’s mood to the wife’s attitude, and forming a hire mode that is dominated and dominated. This model is difficult to talk about equality.

Musk is the richest man in the world, but Musk has exhausted his girlfriend.In order to save money, he can take his girlfriend to eat a weekly peanut butter; the mattress has been broken, and he has never bought a new one, so that his girlfriend will move her own cushion …

You know, both of them have given birth to Musk.

Even the most special feelings have given 130 million before and after, which is the most generous level of Musk.

At first Musk and Lelly were very sweet, but soon the contradictions appeared: big masculinity, limiting Lelly social, steps to coax well, and let Lai Li be a vase at home …

This is the employment relationship. The dominance and the dominant employment model are not equal.

The employment mode is deformed and the most promoted by Xiaotian.

Because their labor value is ignored, under the existing French LV system, the employed rights and interests have no guarantee. The worker also has the Labor Protection Law and can also be arbitrated.

Family violent king Dong was extremely brutal to his 23 -year -old wife, hit her with a bench, and pinched her neck.

The current wife has experienced Wang Dong ’s domestic violence several times, and derailed during pregnancy. Why do n’t divorce during this period?The maximum raising fee of divorce is 1W.Although Wang Dong is confused, everyone knows the salary of the actors.

The second is the "partner of love" (company system) model.

It has both the ability of their respective economic independence, but also because of emotional mutual dependence and equal relationships, forming a community of interest and symbiosis.This is the most ideal state of marriage. It has both love guarantee and rational thinking.

The current model couple of the entertainment circle

The biggest feature of this type of marriage is symbiosis.

In the limited resources, there is a competitive logic. You have me.

But in huge amounts of resources, it is often symbiotic logic. We all work hard to win, otherwise you will lose.

"Western World"

The so -called Zhang Zetian’s "patience swallow" is actually the latter’s symbiotic logic.

Liu Qiangdong provides wealth, and Zhang Zetian provides stability.Stable family situation, stable entrepreneur image.

This picture is very interesting. It is not only Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian holding hands, but the other two teams are also in hand in hand.

The interests of the two have been firmly bundled, especially Zhang Zetian, who understands that the other party even quit emotions in order to go on, so as not to fall into the original class.

For those who have greater goals and demand, they are still running, and they have no time to take care of their emotions.The so -called love is a luxury even for the rich class.

Love is luxury

Talk here to the third model.

In the more upward class, a lot of emotional things are not important under the "high interest partner" (company system) model.

Narbil Gates and his wife Melinda’s 27 -year -old running marriage as an example, a fairy love that was envied by everyone, and the three children were divorced under the circumstances, and they did it after being thoughtful and saving.this decision.

Some people say that Melinda is amazing, because she is good at patience. I don’t agree with this. I can walk through for 27 years. The three children have left in adulthood.Survive, but I do n’t love now, so choose to separate.

It is said that the wealthy people with a net worth are more than just wealth, and they will get spiritual pursuit and love pursuit.

Some people have made statistics on Gates and converted to about 840 billion yuan.How to distribute the property that people care about, how to divide 130 billion US dollars?Probably each other is still a super rich.

It can be seen that as long as it is rich enough, entrepreneurs can divorce, and they can afford them.

Another example, Bezos and his ex -wife McKenzi met at D.E.Shaw’s interview. At first sight, they fell in love and got married in 3 months.

After marriage, with the support and help of McKinny, Amazon became the world’s second largest Internet company in one fell swoop, and Bezos rely on the top of the world’s richest list.

When everyone envious of this fairy love and praising Bezos’s good man, he pulled down and was derailed with McKenzi’s friend’s wife.

Facing the same plot as Zhang Zetian, McKinny chose a different script and decisively divorced.

Why did McKinzi choose to divorce?She took 4%Amazon’s shares at about $ 38.9 billion and donated 18.5 billion.(Yes, there are $ 21.3 billion in her hand, I can help you calculate)

Love is a luxury product. Only in the hands of the top rich, they can truly do whatever they want. They do not calculate how many accounts will be lost after divorce, because they have more.

The most stable model to fall into ordinary people is symbiosis, entrepreneurially entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs who have been loved by love are lucky ones who have been awarded by God.


Xiaotian wanted to say to all the family members who followed me: If we want to get married, we should take the expectations of entrepreneurship to get married to ensure our future happiness.

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