Zhang Yuqi rumored!The agent took a big belly photo, scolded the rumors of surrogacy, and released a screenshot

On January 25, an entertainment blogger broke the news that the news was obtained from the insider. Zhang Yuqi’s dragon and phoenix tires were surrogacy, and the so -called surrogacy contract was also exposed, which later caused heated discussion among netizens.Immediately after Zhang Yuqi’s agent and Yang Tianzheng responded, Zhang Yuqi’s pregnancy photos were exposed to break the rumors of surrogacy.

In the photo, Zhang Yuqi leaned on the sofa, and Su Yan was wearing a maternity dress with a relaxed state.It should be four or five months from the belly.Later, Zhang Yuqi’s current agent also took her belly photo, saying that she was pregnant in October, and she couldn’t sleep well.But now we have to find ways to prove that they have existed in their stomachs, and persuaded everyone to speak twice and not to stigmatize such a mother.

The agent also showed a screenshot of the chat, showing that during the 2017 Zhang Yuqi during the pregnancy, he had a dialogue with his agent daily, complaining about the hardship of pregnancy, and said that he did not know two at a time. It looked nervous and looking forward to it.

The former agent of Zhang Yuqi also made a rumor, saying that she was still breastfeeding during the filming of "The King behind the scenes".

Earlier, a well -known Weibo of Weibo said that he obtained an email from the surrogacy contract of Zhang Yuqi and Yuan Bayuan from the insider, which clearly shows the fact that Zhang Yuqi surrogate was clearly showed.The contract was assisted by Zhang Yuqi to the United States law firm by Amy Tang, which queried the law firm as a company that assisted in legitimately assisted abroad.

It also broke the news that Zhang Yuqi got married in September 2016 in September 2016. In October of the same year, I contacted the surrogacy company.100 million, as long as she quickly receives a child, she can share a lot of money.It seems that there is a plate and eye.

After this contract came out, carefully netizens found that the man’s name spelling error on the contract is really false.In fact, Zhang Yuqi said on the show a long time ago that pregnancy is very hard, and some of the experiences shared seemed to have experienced themselves.

There was also suspected Yue Yan who broke the news, and Zhang Yuqi was sure of being born in person.

In the final analysis, in order to protect privacy and image, there are often no pregnancy photos of pregnancy, which has led many stars to be referred to as surrogate. Over time, some people will believe it.Of course, it is good to rumor.

I hope other stars can learn Zhang Yuqi and counterattack the rumors.

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