You touch the dog’s belly, in its eyes, these meanings!

The dog’s belly is a sensitive part, not just touching it casually. If you can touch the dog’s belly, it means that the dog trusts you very much.When you touch the dog’s belly, in its eyes, you have these meanings.

Expression trust and intimacy

Touching the dog’s belly is a intimate posture, which shows that you have established a strong trust relationship with the dog.Dogs show the fragile parts of their abdomen, indicating that they are safe and comfortable for you.

Show friendly and relaxation

The dog was lying on the back, exposing the abdomen, indicating that they felt relaxed and peaceful.Touching the dog’s belly can increase their sense of security and make them feel loved and cared for.

Provide soothing and relaxing

Touching the dog’s belly can bring them soothing and relaxing.There are many sensitive nerve endings in this area. When you touch their belly gently, it can promote blood circulation, release stress and tension.

Show your dominance status

Touching the dog’s belly is also a way to show your dominance in the relationship to the dog.Wild dogs will lick their stomachs to express their friendly kimono. When you touch the dog’s belly, they also accept your status as a leader.

Want to play

If the owner touches his belly when the dog is dazed, it means you want to play with it in the eyes of the dog.If the dog has a good personality and temper, it will play with you.At this time, you might as well match some snacks, and the dog may be more willing to play with you.

If your dog does not touch your belly, it means that you don’t trust you, then you must first enhance your feelings with the dog and slowly gain the trust of the dog!

1. Most with dogs

The best way to enhance the relationship with dogs is to spend more time to interact with dogs and accompany dogs.When G is giving it boring, you interact with your dog and play games, which will make the dog very happy.

2. Hey the dog in person

For dogs, people who can feed them are the one who loves it the most.If you want a dog to fall in love with you and enhance your feelings, you must feed the dog in person.

For the health of the dog, we must also pay attention to the health of the dog, and choose a nutritious dog food for the dog.You can refer to this one!

Conclusion: Does your dog touch your stomach?

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