You can’t have room for pregnancy. In order to solve the needs of her husband, the wife seduces 16 -year -old girls and killed them

There are many infatuated women in the world. They dedicate their physical and mental to their lover without reservation, which can easily cause themselves to be stunned in love.

Some people end fiercely. Although they love to die, they are still bruised in the end, and some become the accomplices of a man’s crime.

Like all the girls in the flower season, Beibei (pseudonym) also fantasize about how his Prince White Horse would come to himself.

Until the work, she met the other half of her life.

Because of the work relationship, Beibei and the company’s Ajiang (pseudonym) have gradually increased.

On weekdays, Ajiang’s funny and humorous character often laughed in. Occasionally, when he encountered difficulties, Ajiang would actively help Beibei solve.

After one or two, a kind of goodwill was born between the two.

In the face of Beibei, Ajiang couldn’t help feeling some inferiority. The other party was in the past years, but he had experienced two failed marriages. Although he still had the desire for love, he felt that he could not deserve Babe.

Slowly, Beibei also discovered the changes in Ajiang. I thought that the two people could break through the last layer of window paper, but I felt that Ajiang obviously had a distant alienation to himself.

"Why are you always hiding from me recently, and I won’t eat you." One day at work, Beibei rushed to Ajiang’s office and asked.

"Beibei, I actually know me well to me, but I am so much older than you, and there are two children. What do you really think of you when you are together?" A Jiangru showed his heart to Babe.

Perhaps it was the lover’s eyes. After hearing Ajiang’s answer, Babe felt that the man really loved himself from his heart, or he would not consider so much for himself.

"My love will not be ridiculed by the secular vision!" Beibei looked at Ajiang’s eyes and said categorically.

With Beibei’s insistence, the two came together smoothly. During the love period, Beibei did not hesitate to buy gifts for her two daughters in Ajiang, and the virtuous appearance showed that Ajiang was very satisfied.

Although his parents did not look at Ajiang in their hearts, they thought that a three -married man still took two children to match his daughter, but under the repeated insistence of Beibei, the old couple had to acquiesceize her daughter to her daughter.s Choice.

In this way, Beibei and Ajiang joined hands to enter the marriage hall.

After Beibei was pregnant, Ajiang resigned from his work and returned to his hometown in Northeast China with Beibei. In order to allow Beibei to be able to raise his fetus with peace of mind, Ajiang went out early and returned every day and saw his tired appearance.Beibei couldn’t help but feel heartache. He often persuaded Ajiang to spend more money, and spend less if you less. As long as two people are together, their children are healthy and stronger than anything.

However, Ajiang believes that Babe has held the pressure of his parents’ opposition, and also gave up the happy life accompanying his parents to come to his hometown with himself.Essence

In this way, the relationship between the two is getting sweeter and sweeter.Before the production, Beibei proposed to return to Shandong to see his parents, and by the way notify the colleagues to drink the children’s full moon wine.

At the scene where colleagues dinner, girls were envy Babe to marry a good husband. Men were envy Ajiang at the age and could also marry a yellow flower girl.

However, Ajiang knew that Beibei was no longer a virgin when she was married. Because she had divorced twice at the time, she also had the child’s own conditions, and she could not ask Beibei too much.

This incident was deeply buried in his heart as a secret, but after hearing colleagues that he said that he had married a yellow flower girlfriend, the inner scar was revealed again, and when he looked at BeibeiThe past is generally full of love.

There will be changes in my heart that will naturally show it inadvertently. After returning to the northeast hometown, the good husband and good husband in Beibei’s mind seem to have become a person.

In the past, because she was pregnant, Ajiang always helped her bending down to the shoelaces and assumed all the housework in the family, but now I look at her husband who is not salty, is Babe who feels like what he has done by herself?It was not good enough to make Ajiang angry, and began to get up to him.

Sometimes, Beibei will care for Ajiang to prepare food for Ajiang with the pregnancy, helping him to clean up the house at home, but Ajiang’s attitude towards Beibei is still indifferent.

Belly, who was puzzled, was in trouble. Why did the husband become like this?She asked Ajiang several times, and Ajiang was silent, and Babe, who deeply loved her husband, suddenly thought that after she was pregnant, the two had no room. Is it because they could not satisfy the husband and women.Indifferent to yourself?

A woman who is in love is blind.Beibei even proposed to make Ajiang spend money out, but was rejected by Ajiang.At this time, Beibei was both happy and confused. How can I satisfy her husband?

Before resting one night, Beibei said, or if I go outside to find it, a girl who looks good will lie back and let you satisfy you.

Readers may have seen that Beibei at this time was completely fainted by love, and even daring to do anything about the law, Ajiang, who had been endured for a long time, agreed to Babe’s idea without any hesitation.

After a check -up, Beibei found a suitable goal on the way out of the hospital.She lied that she was uncomfortable after the checkup and asked the girl to send it home.

At this moment, Ajiang, who is waiting at home, has already prepared drinks with sleeping pills.

Just after the girl sent Babe to home, after drinking a drink, it didn’t take long for the medicine to have a faint seizure, and Ajiang also showed an obscenity. After taking off the girl’s clothes, he found that the girl was coming to leave.Essence

Maybe it was the anger after the desire could not vent, or it may be worried that things were revealed. A Jiang did not easily let go of the girl in front of him. He picked up the pillow and covered the girl’s mouth and nose until she slowly lost his breath.

Subsequently, the couple packed their bodies into the lizted land.

After the girl disappeared, her family called the police as soon as possible.Through the review of the surveillance video, the police finally locked the criminal suspect A Jiang and Babe.

After interrogation, Beibei and Ajiang confessed to criminal acts.In the end, Beibei was sentenced to life imprisonment, and Ajiang was sentenced to death.

The first thing that needs to be clear is that Article 236 of the Criminal Law is protected by the law of rape crimes is the decision of women’s own.

The scope of sex’s decision right.Including the decision right of sexual intercourse, as well as the decision rights, time, number, method, and place of sexual intercourse.Therefore, if you force sexual intercourse with women in a way, time, place, or number of women’s will, they still set up rape.

Actors.That is, natural persons who are 14 years old and have recognizable control ability.The direct crime of rape can only be a man. Women can become an instrument, helping criminals, indirect criminals, and common criminals of rape crimes.

Harm."Violence, coercion or other means to rape women", which indicates that violations of women’s will and require a significantly difficult to resist women, otherwise they must not be crime of rape.If the actor does not take these mandatory means, even if his behavior objectively violates the will of women and does not set up a crime of rape.

The above is the specific provision of rape crimes, so it is impossible for women to violate rape?the answer is negative.According to the theory of common crime, the establishment of a certain crime will be divided into prisoners and criminals.

Looking back at the case of this article, in order to enable Ajiang to implement rape, Beibei chose the target of the crime and used the psychology of others to help others., But in the entire process, the role of Beibei also played the foundation and premise of rape in Aijiang, so it can be punished by the crime of rape.

In the process of crime, although the way to take sleeping pills cannot be called violence, coercion, the fundamental purpose of violence and coercion means to suppress the victim’s resistance and enable themselves to successfully implement rape.A way of resistance, so the behavior of the two has attempted rape.

The young girl of adultery is not alone, but a special type of rape should be punished.The exception is occasionally who are at the age of 14 and less than 16 years old. Those who have sex with young girls. The circumstances are mild and have not caused serious consequences. They do not consider crimes.

The objective behavior of establishing adultery young girls to increase the circumstances is to interact with young women under the age of 14, that is, no matter what the actor uses, and does not ask whether young girls are willing, as long as they interact with young women, they will infringe their right to decide their own.

At the same time, the behavior of the actor has the intention to have adultery young girls, that is, the young girl who knows that the object is or may be less than 14 years old or whether the woman is a young girl, including the following situations:

First, for those who are under twelve -year -old who are under twelve years old to conduct sexual assault such as sexual assault, the perpetrator shall "know" the other party is a young girl.

Second, if the actor does not know that the other party is under the age of 14, the two sides voluntarily have sexual relationships, causing serious consequences, and no crime of rape, but may be identified as other crimes (such as intentional injury, overwhelming injuries, etc.).

For example, if the victims in this case have been fourteen years old, but their appearance is very mature, and the general public will not think that it is under the age of fourteen, then it will not be established to increase the plot and only set up ordinary rape.

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