You can pass security check when you are pregnant. Is the vaginal bleeding?#The truth is here#

When I washed her hands, Xiao Jinhua came together to say that Honghong has been worried since she was pregnant, whether the security check in the subway will have a adverse effect on the fetus.Do you have to ask me this?Ghost girl, I was so angry that Jinhua’s face was grieving and whispered, I said yes, people do n’t believe it, you should still science, so worry that many people have it.

Well, so far, there have been no reports of adverse impact on pregnant women and fetuses in medical examinations.At the same time, the radiation value of the security check instrument is actually very low, and the impact on the body is close to zero.Therefore, pregnant women will not affect the babies in the abdomen when passing the security machine.

Pregnant women do not have no radiation at all when they pass the security check, but the amount of radiation is very small. Only one -fifth of the medical equipment, or even the large mobile phone.Therefore, if the pregnant mother passes the security check once or twice a day, there is no problem at all.

The nature of the security gate is the same as the hospital’s X -rays.However, this light is not as follows. You are your luggage and bags that have passed the X -ray machine.There is no light for security for the human body.

As for the passing safety door and hand probe metal detector, in fact, the degree of radiation is not as high as everyone imagined. It is similar to normal household appliances. The security check door passed by passengers is metal detector.It is mainly to have a certain response to metal such as iron, swords, and guns.There is no impact on body tissue.

Oh, this time, red and red can go to security for security.

Dean, a few days ago, you wrote an article about hydatidal tires. Some netizens asked, three months of pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, will it be a hydatidal?

There are many reasons for bleeding in three months of pregnancy, such as signs of abortion, placenta prefix, embryo stopping development, etc. Of course, it also includes hydatiditic tires.

Many female friends with herbal fetus are the same as women who are pregnant normally, and they can show some early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.However, if you do not pass the B -ultrasound, it is difficult to find and diagnose the hydatidal.But if you look closely, you will also find some details.Because there is a time to vomit the vomiting of hydatari, and the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are more serious, the value of HCG will also increase abnormally, and the uterus is larger than the normal weeks.

Once the hydatidiform is diagnosed, the palace should be treated immediately.After Portugal Palace Clear Palace, the value of HCG will gradually decrease.After a week, the palace should be cleared again. Generally, about 9 weeks after the clearing of the palace, it will stabilize to the normal range. During this period, if the value of the HCG does not drop, it is necessary to consider the pregnancy nourishing fine brain tumor.And the scraped tissue must be sent to the pathological examination in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Oh, so, Xiao Jinhua walked away with a smile …

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