You can generally appear in a few months of pregnancy. Do you know the fetus in the stomach of the pregnant mother?

In the life of a woman, the most painful period is pregnant and having children, but the happiest moment is also pregnant and having children.In fact, the transformation from a woman to a mother is the period when mother love is bursting.The process of pregnancy and childbirth is so hard. The child is so large from a small bean sprout. He has grown down his camp in his mother’s belly. Although we can feel him, what does he look like?The following is the fetus that changes in the mother’s belly three months before pregnancy.

Fertilization and bed

The first month of pregnancy starts on the first day of menstruation, usually the beginning of pregnancy.At this stage, eggs and sperm are combined into fertilized eggs and moved to the uterus in the fallopian tube.Within 6-10 days after entering the uterus, it will go to bed to the uterine wall and start growing.During this period, it is called a cystocystal stage. The fertilized egg develops into a small ball and is composed of outer cells and inner cells.

Embryonic period

Starting in the second month after the blastocyst period, the fertilized eggs entered the embryo period.During this period, embryo began to develop various organs and body parts.In the fourth week, the nerve tube of the embryo began to form, which will become brain and spinal cord.In the fifth week, the heart of the embryo began to be beating, which was an important symbol during pregnancy.In the sixth week, the fingers and toes of the embryo began to form, and the face and eyes began to form.

Fetal period

Starting from the third month of pregnancy, the embryo entered the fetal period.During this period, most organs and tissues have been formed, and the appearance of the fetus has become more obvious.

In the seventh week, the fetus began to move, but because the size of the fetus was small, the mother usually could not feel the fetal movement.In the eighth week, the limbs and joints of the fetus became more flexible, and the ratio of the head and torso became more balanced.In the ninth week, the bones and teeth of the fetus began to form, and the liver and kidneys also began to play a role.In the tenth week, the genital organs of the fetus began to differentiate, but the gender was usually not determined.At the twelfth week, the fetus’s nails and hair began to grow, and the skin became more translucent.

In general, the first three months of pregnancy are a very important stage, and many critical development and changes have occurred during this period.If the mother maintains a healthy lifestyle during this period, the health of the fetus will be better.

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