Yi Nengjing takes his daughter to play, and the raw picture is thick and wide like aunt, ask for the psychological shadow area

At that time, 48 -year -old Yi Nengjing resolutely chose to give birth to her daughter.

We all know that the best childbirth age was before the age of 35, not only considering the postpartum body recovery problem, but also involving related genetic problems. Therefore, many experts advised women to produce appropriate age.

However, in the entertainment industry, many female celebrities will still choose to give birth without hesitation.This is really a gambling with your own life and your child’s life!

Among the many female celebrities, Yineng Jing’s burden was even greater. At the age of 47, she chose to give birth to a common child for her husband Qin Hao to increase glory for their sweet marriage.It can also be seen that Yi Nengjing’s love for Qin Hao.

After all, the difficulty of having a child at the age of 47 is very high. Although she has always paid great attention to maintenance, she can’t see her real age at all, but her physical aging is an irreversible thing and can’t deceive herself.

But even so, she still gave birth to rice grains regardless of everything. The daughter of their husband and wife, which also allowed Qin Hao to upgrade to a father.What she faced and experienced during pregnancy, even if she didn’t say, we could guess one or two.Fortunately, the ending is complete.

Just after the National Day holiday, some netizens encountered Yi Nengjing and rice grains in Disney. Both of the mother and daughter had Cos related characters, and Yi Nengjing showed a very relaxed state without any concealment.

However, I have to say that when you see photos uploaded by netizens, netizens will feel some disappointment.Her posture is not a star. Although her face value is still speaking, many fans still turn into passers -by or black powder, and talk about her aging.

In this case, it should be in our expectations. Even if she is a star, what can she do, do n’t I still have the threat of the gravity of the gravity?It’s just that their advantages are almost all lost compared to young women.

The metabolic ability of an elderly woman is terrible

After a woman is 25 years old, wrinkles will begin to appear on their faces, and their physical indicators and skills will decline. This is an unavoidable physiological phenomenon.It is just that when you just apply some external interference when you just have aging, it will appropriately slow down the aging.

But after the age of 35, the woman’s body will enter a new stage of decline again. It will obviously feel that they are always unwilling to do, and their energy, physical strength, and brains are not as good as before.Don’t drop.

In this helpless state, if you have torture the body for secondary torture, if you have a child, it is a double blow.After giving birth to a child, the body’s self -healing function is also difficult to play, and it is naturally natural.

Therefore, if you compare the recovery status of other young pregnant women, it is obviously a bit difficult to be strong.In addition, the risks they want to bear are higher. In the future, the physical condition will only become worse and worse, which is irreversible.

Elderly maternal can gain more happiness

For every mother, children exist like a surprise, but compared to young pregnant women, children are more happy for elderly women, because they will cherish this hard -to -come small life.

Whether it is for the reason, they become older women, but as they get older, the more urgent desire to have their own children.Don’t they know the dangers and difficulties in it?Isn’t it because they eager to eager?

However, they can easily become parents who love their children. They must not be able to do it, so that they can not be used to children. Even if they know that there is a problem with this education method, what can be?When facing the child, you will still be unconscious.

What do you think of elderly mothers and pains?Welcome to share your thoughts with us!

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