Yesterday, Valentine’s Day many people drew their certificates!Can I get a marriage certificate without a marriage check?

Yesterday was Western Valentine’s Day. Many young men and women rushed to this romantic moment to go to the local civil affairs bureau to receive a marriage certificate.Some people say that as long as people bring their hukou, they can get a certificate. Is this true?If you do n’t have a marriage check, can you still get a marriage certificate?Let me tell you now.

In the previous consultation, some people consult the small law in the and ask their wives and husbands to play more before the relationship, but what dark diseases and want to make the other party marry again, but they are afraid of what diseases have been found after the marriage inspection., Let the young couple cause a gap, should the marriage check before receiving the marriage certificate?With the changes of the times, many people feel that marriage inspections are necessary, but some people think that marriage checks are just simple inspections, so it is not necessary to conduct.Is the marriage check?If you do n’t have a marriage inspection, can you not get a certificate?

The marriage check is not compulsory, it is voluntary!You can get a marriage certificate without a marriage check!

1. What is a marriage check?

The marriage examination is the abbreviation of pre -marital examination. Before the marriage, both men and women went to the designated hospital to ask for regular examinations and genital examinations such as medical history and discovery diseases that were not suitable for marriage in advance to ensure the normal progress of life after marriage.

2. What is the significance of marriage check?

Many people think that the marriage check is meaningless, but it is not.Some genetic diseases, secret diseases, or hidden diseases caused by the combination of both parties can be learned in the wedding examination, affecting the health of both husband and wife, the development of the next generation, and eugenics.

3. Is the marriage inspection the prerequisite for receiving a marriage certificate?

According to the current policy, the marriage inspection has changed from forced to voluntary, so not to conduct a marriage check will not affect the normal collection of the marriage certificate, nor is it a prerequisite for obtaining a marriage certificate.However, from a medical perspective, it is still recommended to have a marriage inspection.Therefore, some husbands and wives did not have a marriage check before marriage, but they have not been able to get pregnant or have a adverse effect on sexual life.The pre -marital examination is conducive to the health of both parties and the next generation. Through a comprehensive medical examination before marriage, some abnormal conditions and diseases can be found to achieve the purpose of early diagnosis and active correction.

Yesterday, because it was Valentine’s Day, with the festive atmosphere or a momentary impulse, many couples may enter the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a certificate.However, although marriage is a happy thing, it is not casual. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct pre -marital examinations before receiving a marriage certificate to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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