Women’s pregnancy was told that her boyfriend was married?Chat records flow out?Disappearing 70,000?This society is wrong


Women are notified by men to be married?70,000 yuan to fly?What’s wrong with this society?

as big as World, nothing is nonexistent.It is really hard to figure out people’s hearts.Today, Shop saw a very shocking incident!A woman who was pregnant with her boyfriend was told that her boyfriend was a married person?And there are three daughters with others?

This incident has started a few months ago.

A few months ago, the single Xiao Liu (lady) met a man who claimed to be 33 years old (a pseudonym) on dating software. Because Xiao Liu also had to talk about marriage, so he wanted to find the marriage and marriage, so he wanted to find to find the marriage, so he wanted to find to find the marriage, so he wanted to find to find the marriage, so he wanted to find it.The object of the object may also be urgent, so in a short period of time, he has a good opinion of A Dong.

The 33 -year -old A Dong looks good. He is a kindergarten teacher, with stable work and good salary.It is said that the family is also relatively good, at least a well -off family.

The two chatted very much. Ms. Liu and A Dong also asked the other party for being single and unmarried during the chat process.Judging from the chat records provided by Xiao Liu, A Dong’s words told Xiao Liu’s single, unmarried.

Under this premise, Xiao Liucai and A Dong formally established a relationship.The two are so sweet for a while.

Under the temptation of sweet love, Xiao Liu and A Dong carried out more in -depth emotional exchanges, and also had more intimate moves.

It may be that A Dong is unwilling to collide with a closer combination of flesh. When Xiao Liu Ti said that using BYT, A Dong’s guarantee from Xiao Liu Yanzhi.Go down and give the children a perfect home.Where is Ms. Liu who has adopted such sweet words, so she also agreed with A Dong’s proposal.

However, the good times did not last long. Just as Xiao Liu was determined to be pregnant, he wanted to share this good news with the man, but was informed by A Dong and asked to kill the child.And the attitude turned sharply, and Xiao Liu began cold violence.Just the next day, Xiao Liu continued to ask whether he was married, and A Dong and Pan asked that he was a married person, and there were 3 daughters.

According to Xiao Liu, A Dong not only concealed his married fact, but also talked about 3 girls like Xiao Liu at the same time.Not only that, A Dong and Xiao Liu said that they hope not to make this matter big, her wife does not know about it.The reason why he came out to fall in love with Xiao Liu was because his life was too bland, and he wanted to come out to find some excitement.

Netizens commented: This man is too abominable, conceal his marriage and is unwilling to pay compensation. He also associates multiple girls at the same time. Such people really need laws to manage it.

Some netizens commented: Oh my god, can I go to the Internet to violence him, such a person should be exposed, his wife is also very pitiful, how can he marry such one without being able to live without being derailed and not responsible for derailment.man?

There are also netizens commented: Why are the current comment areas accusing the woman, why are the victims crime?It should be boys who have made mistakes.What is wrong with girls, but it is the consequences of the man’s concealment.

Netizens said: It is recommended that the state introduce a query system on marriage, similar to anti -fraud centers / personal credit query.

Mine, the occurrence of this incident has once again refreshing the three views of the shop. Why does this kind of man appear in the society?This is simply not human.There is already a wife who will come out to lie to the youth of girls.Xiao Liu is really pitiful, this man is too angry.It is strongly recommended that the state must introduce relevant laws and regulations to rectify these emotional scammers. It is always not possible to let go as it is now.If you have been listening to it will only make similar emotional scammers!

Finally, summarizes: Little friends, you must polish your eyes before looking for a man, and you must find a boy who knows the roots to fall in love. Although the boys introduced by the parents are not the best, your parents will not harm you (except for individual individualsTo.

If the relationship occurs, protective measures must be taken. No matter what the boy says, you should not promise that the boys do not take protective measures. This will really hurt themselves.Girls, we must keep the bottom line. We must not get pregnant before getting married. This is a warning clock!

In the end, it was really the end.Don’t find men on social software anymore!Don’t find men on social software!Don’t find men on social software!Emphasized things three times!

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