Women’s abortion is very hurt, whether abortion or drug flow, it is cruel to the fetus

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No matter how the society promotes the knowledge of contraception, there are still many young women who do not care about it. They are not prepared but unexpectedly pregnant. They can only be a way of miscarriage.of.Don’t listen to the "painless abortion" mentioned on the market at will. Even if the flesh is not painful, it will be tortured mentally. In addition, women’s abortion must be hurting the body, and it is cruel to the fetus.

There are two major categories of abortion division of abortion and pharmaceutical abortion. Among them, artificial abortion is subdivided into attractive type, plug scraping and induction type, which is mainly available in 4 schemes.But it is not for women to make choices at will. This depends on personal constitution and doctors’ suggestions. The most important judgment basis is the time of women’s pregnancy.

Within 7 weeks of pregnancy (49 days): use drug abortion

The principle of drug abortion is that the growth and development of fetal treasures are inseparable from the mother’s nutritional transportation, as well as a warm uterus, and taking medicine is to reduce the secretion of the mother’s hormone and reduce the supply of fetal treasure.And death, the drug can also cause the uterus to contrast, squeeze the dead fetal treasure out of the body. At this time, the size of the fetal treasure is equivalent to a bean, which can achieve the purpose of miscarriage through the two pronged effects of the drug.

In addition, abortion drugs are prescription drugs. Women should not buy and use strangers on the Internet at will. They should go to regular hospitals and follow the doctor’s advice. If the medication is not right, the abortion will not be complete.Performing the Qing Palace surgery.

Within 10 weeks of pregnancy (70 days): attractive abortion

The fetal treasure of about 10 weeks is actually initially in the scale, and the hands and feet can be clearly distinguished. At this time, it is not recommended to use the drug flow. It can only use a more cruel surgical method.

Attracting abortion, as the name implies, is the method of sucking the fetus from the mother’s womb.At this time, the fetal treasure is not particularly large. You don’t need to open the cervix. You only need to insert a tube and use the principle of vacuum attraction to suck the fetal treasure.However, there are still risks. Surgical equipment frequently enter and exit women’s uterus. If the operation is improper, it will wear a uterine wall, causing major bleeding.

10-14 weeks of pregnancy (70-98 days): Dipper scraping abortion

Dipper -scratch -shaped abortion method is believed to be a nightmare of many abortion women. Although the fetal treasure does not cry and does not shout, it will definitely feel painful, but there is no way.

Whether it is attractive or plie -scratch, it must end the fetus’s life in advance, and then the next step.The scrape -scraping surgery is first to open the cervix with tools, then use the surgical pliers to reach into the production channel, "disintegrate" the fetal treasure, and then take it out little by little. In order to ensure clearly and cleanClear scraping, this surgery will have a certain impact on women’s body.

14 weeks of pregnancy (98 days) above: hospitalization and induction of labor

If the fetal treasure already has three months or more, the mother still insists on miscarriage, which is actually equivalent to having a child, but the fetal treasure can’t see the world with you.

At this time, the fetal treasure had taken shape. Before the abortion, the mother had to pass various examinations in the hospital.At the beginning of the surgery, the doctor will inject drugs on the belly of the pregnant mother, end the life of the fetal treasure first, and then induces labor through surgery. At this time, the risk and pain of the operation are the highest compared to the above methods.

Whether it is the flow of drugs or abortion, it is cruel to the fetal treasure. If you can’t afford the responsibility of raising your child, please take contraceptive measures!

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