Women who are pregnant are criminal, can they be criminally detained?

The suspension is called suspension of quantification, also known as torture, which refers to the violation of criminal law. The actor who has confirmed the crime and punishment should be punished by legal procedures.

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Can women have no crime after probation?

Lawyer Wu Kun of Yunnan Huaheng Law Firm answered:

Since it is determined to be declared probation, as long as there is no violation of the relevant laws and regulations during the probation period, it will not accept supervision.However, if it is temporarily implemented by the supervisor, as long as there is no condition to be implemented by the supervision, the supervision shall be accepted according to law.

Article 75 of the Criminal Law [Regulations that the suspended criminal shall comply with] Criminals who have been declared probation shall be complied with the following provisions:

(1) Comply with laws and administrative regulations to obey supervision;

(2) Report your own activities in accordance with the provisions of the inspection authority;

(3) Comply with the requirements of the inspection authority about the guests;

(4) The city, county or relocation where the residence lives shall be reported to be approved by the inspection authority.

Article 76 [Test of the probation and its positive consequences] For criminals who announced the probation, the community correction is implemented in accordance with the law within the probation test period.The punishment of the original judgment will no longer be implemented and announced publicly.

Attorney Wu Kun analysis:

The Criminal Procedure Law did not propose an exception to advice on judicial detention.It just stipulates the conditions that can be monitored:

(1) If you have severe diseases, you cannot take care of yourself;

(2) Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their baby;

(3) The only supporter of those who cannot take care of themselves;

(4) Because of the special circumstances of the case or the needs of the case, it is more appropriate to take monitoring and residential measures;

(5) The detained period expires, and the case has not yet been settled.For the conditions for bail pending trial, but the suspect and the defendant cannot propose a guarantor or pay the security deposit, they can monitor the living.The surveillance residence is implemented by the public security organs.Graduated from Southwest University, a master’s degree in law, and a well -known professional criminal defense lawyer in Yunnan.Special good at drug crimes, financial crimes, violent crimes, defense of duty crimes, as well as the agent of cases such as construction engineering disputes, personal damage compensation, and traffic accidents.Professional, dedicated, high -quality service, and high winning rate.

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