Women often have waist pain, or are caused by the above eight reasons. After understanding, they should deal with them in time

With the changes in people’s lifestyles, women’s chronic diseases have also increased, and waist pain has become a problem that many women cannot avoid.

In daily life, women often complain about waist pain.In fact, this is not a disease, it is just a condition caused by low back pain, involving bones, joints, muscles and nerves.

So, what is the pain of women’s waist pain?

First, physiological characteristics, such as menstruation, pregnancy

Women often have waist pain during menstruation, which has a certain relationship with their consumption of ice drinks and other raw food during menstruation.This can lead to qi stagnation, blood stasis, meridians, dysmenorrhea.

In addition, women do not take a good rest during menstruation. They often feel back pain when they come to the holidays, and such symptoms occur during pregnant women.After all, over time, the uterus will become larger and bigger, and the waist circumference will become tighter.

Second, lumbar muscle strain

Another cause of waist pain is lumbar muscle strain.Especially standing for a long time (such as standing for a long time, and long -term transportation), it will weaken the tension of lumbar tendon and ligament, stack local lactic acid, lose the muscle balance, and cause lumbar pain.

Third, wearing high heels for too long

Many beautiful women love to wear high heels. Although this can make the figure look more slender, long -term high heels can cause damage to your lower limbs.In severe cases, it will not only cause waist pain, but also affect the body’s coordination ability.

Fourth, urinary system infection

According to the physiological structure of the urethra, women’s urethra is short and straight, and its outside opening is close to the anus.In addition, due to some physiological reasons, women’s urinary system infection is more likely to be higher than men.

This type of urinary system infection can cause low back pain, and severe cases can spread through the ureter to perineal.

Fifth, spinal lesions

Some women suffer from rheumatism, arthritis and lumbar disc herniation, which cause back pain due to compressing spine and nerve roots.

In addition, medical data shows that in the middle of pregnancy, due to endocrine disorders, the ligament is relaxed and it is easy to sprain.

Sixth, osteoporosis

Orthopedic loose is the main cause of middle -aged and elderly women, especially menopausal women.This is due to the decline in the weight of the spine, which leads to a decrease in the bearing capacity of the spine.

Therefore, women should add more calcium, especially women aged 20-30, which is a good time to store calcium.

Seventh, lack of kidney yang can cause back pain

There are multiple children or women who have many abortion, and their back pain is more common.Of course, there are also some women’s menstruation, often feeling cold hands and feet, and weak body. This is often due to a large amount of blood loss, and it can also damage the kidneys.

Eighth, sex organs disease

Women’s genitals have to go through 400 pregnancy, childbirth, and various other tasks in their lives. Especially when women need artificial abortion and birthprola, they are more likely to cause diseases such as fallopian tubeitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.These are the factors that cause waist pain.

During pregnancy, the fetus needs sufficient nutrition, such as calcium and phosphorus. If the intake is not enough, it will cause women’s bones to soften, decarcal, and waist pain.

Symptoms such as postpartum bleeding, premature birth, fatigue, and colds will occur, and to varying degrees of waist pain can cause varying degrees of damage.Therefore, to remind women, in order to maintain a balance of body, you must stretch your waist straight.

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