Women are unwilling to get a certificate with the man, but after pregnancy, they have to give birth to the child.

Title: Women are unwilling to get a certificate with the man, but after pregnancy, the child will be given birth.


When love and responsibility are intertwined, the choice of life of two people is often different.In this diverse society, everyone has the right to pursue the happiness and satisfaction in their hearts.However, sometimes the direction of feelings can cause different opinions and conflicts.Today, the story we want to tell is a entanglement about feelings, responsibilities and choices.

The protagonist of the story is a man and a woman. They have loved each other for many years, but they have never entered the palace of marriage.Women are always unwilling to get a certificate with men, and they feel helpless about the form of marriage.The man was helpless about such a situation, but because of his love and respect for women, he chose to respect her choice and continue to live with her.

However, unexpectedly changed their life trajectory.Women are pregnant.When learning the news, the man’s heart was full of joy and expectations. He thought that the child would be the crystallization of their love, and their lives would become more complete.However, women have a completely different attitude towards the child’s arrival.

Women are determined to give birth to their children, even if this will make their lives more difficult.She felt that the child was her responsibility and mission, and she firmly believed that the power of mother love could make her overcome all difficulties.For women, the certificate is not the happiness she is pursuing. She believes that she can give her a happy life as a single mother.

The man was unwilling to give up the child, but he was also worried.He is worried about whether the power of a woman is enough to support the responsibility of a complete family.He tried to persuade the woman to re -consider the issue of receiving the certificate so that they could bear the responsibility of the family together and give the children a more stable and healthy growth environment.

However, no matter how men persuade, women always insist on their choices.She believes that she can take the role of her mother alone and give her children enough love and care.She rejected the help and support of the man, and firmly believed that she could become a powerful mother.

With the birth of the child, the relationship between men and women gradually becomes complicated.The man tried his best to become a father with due diligence. He established a deep relationship with his children, but he also faced the trouble of unable to bear family responsibility.He hopes that women can understand his mood and face the family’s challenges together.

This story tells us that the choice of feelings is not always the same.Everyone has their own values and outlook on life. Sometimes, the differences between the two people may lead to conflict and contradiction.However, the key is to respect and understand each other’s choice, and find a common balance point.

The story of men and women is not over, and they are still facing various difficulties and challenges.However, their sense of love and responsibility keeps them firm beliefs. I believe they can overcome difficulties together and give children a better future.

In this story, we see the collision between different life choices and values, but the most important thing is that we see the power of love and responsibility.Regardless of the decisions of men and women, they are ultimately based on their pursuit and persistence of love and family.This story also reminds us that when facing the choice of feelings and responsibility, we should respect and understand each other’s choice, and work together to create a happy family.

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