Women are treated with root canal treatment, and they are anxious after taking three dental slices, fearing that they will be affected by doctors to prepare for pregnancy

Ms. Liang, 32, was recently treated with root canal treatment. During the treatment, the doctor took her three dental slices.

Because Ms. Liang had the idea of preparing for pregnancy in the past six months, she heard her family saying that she could affect the baby in the future, so she became very anxious.

To this end, Ms. Liang found the Institute of Heige Dental Research Institute for consultation. Wanting to know how big the radiation of the dental sheet was filmed, would she affect the fetus.

Want to know if dental radiation will affect the fetus, we must first understand what radiation is, and how much radiation will cause harm to the human body.

I do not know when, more and more people have begun to talk about "spoke" color changes.

Indeed, damage to vision, affecting reproductive systems, inducing cancer … The harm of these radiation is enough to see it alone.

In fact, radiation is mainly divided into two types: non -electrical radiation and ionization radiation. Generally, the radiation hazards we are talking about are caused by ionizing radiation.

The dental sheet taken by Ms. Liang is a type of oral X -ray film inspection, and the radiation generated by X -rays belongs to ionizing radiation.

Since X -rays produce ionizing radiation, does this mean that we don’t want to shoot dental slices?As the saying goes, it is a hooligan to put aside the dose and talk about the dose!

In fact, our lives are exposed to ionizing radiation at all times … Various items that are in contact with daily contact, including water, soil, rocks, air, and even food in the stomach, all have ionizing radiation.

For example, when we eat a banana, we will consume about 0.1 Weisye’s radiation. After watching TV for a year, we will receive about 1 micro -Fish radiation dose. One day on the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, the radiation dose is about 1.2 Weixi.Effective …

Three common oral X -ray camera examinations, take bananas as an example, radiation volume is ———

Take a small dental tablet = 1 Weisi Fifth = Eat the radiation of 10 bananas;

Take a mouth panoramic film = 22 Weixifer = 220 bananas;

Taking the mouth CT = 50 Micheva = 500 bananas.

Generally speaking, a radiation that is less than 100 Micro is in one contact, which has no effect on the human body.

To meet the standard of death, it is necessary to suffer 2,000 moshis (1 milli Xifu = 1000 Weisi) at one time.To reach this amount, you are likely to be killed before being died.

According to the recommendation of the International Radiation Protection Commission, the general radiation limit is that each person does not exceed 5,000 Micheva each year.

In China, on average, each person is radiated by 2700 Micheford each year. About 85%of the radiation comes from nature, and only about 15%come from medical examinations.

Generally, in the clinical clinical of the oral cavity, many doctors will take the mouth panoramic film to check the lesion, and then decide whether to shoot the cavity CT.

Therefore, even if you look at the teeth, many adults do not necessarily have an oral CT examination for a year, so there is no need to worry about the harm of ionizing radiation at all.

Some people say that I ca n’t eat 500 bananas a year. Why do I still have dental tablets since there are radiation?

This is because in the diagnosis of oral diseases, X -ray filming is the main auxiliary method for doctors diagnosed tooth diseases. Many times even necessary and unique methods!

Not only that, it plays an important role before dental treatment, treatment and treatment:

Type examination before treatment will help doctors understand the patient’s oral condition, conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, so as to better evaluate the difficulty, risks and prognosis of treatment, and formulate a suitable treatment plan.

For example, doctors can know the scope and degree of dental dental caries through dental sheets; finding the cause of teeth discomfort or pain is caused by periodontitis, pulpitisSmart teeth, multiple teeth, etc.; Determine whether the oral conditions of dental permeability and dental implants are met …

A dental piece, a doctor can see multiple oral problems

In the treatment of individual oral diseases, doctors will choose to take dental slices again to determine the scope and depth of treatment, which will help better treatment effects, such as taking dental sheets during root canal treatment.Select whether the filling material matches it.

After treatment, the dental tablets are mainly because doctors understand the recovery of patients, evaluate the treatment effect, and whether they need to be treated further.

Seeing this, if a doctor does not give you tooth tablets, you will be extracted, planting, and root canal treatment, do you dare to do it?

Back to the second doubt of Ms. Liang at the beginning, would she want to prepare for the fetal sheet to affect the fetus?

In fact, it is not recommended that pregnant women take dental sheets, just like pregnant women playing mobile phones, computers, and watching TVs.The impact of teeth on pregnant women is really minimal.

Studies have shown that the amount of radiation absorption agent that causes fetal deformity is 100 ~ 200 mgori, but the range of radiation absorption of fetal radiation caused by teeth X -ray photography is only 0.001 ~ 0.1 murura, which is far lower than the absorption that may cause fetal malformations.Dose threshold.

Therefore, theoretically, tooth plates are safe for the fetus.

Due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy and changes in dietary behavior habits of pregnant women, pregnant women are very prone to dental caries, periodontal disease, and wisdom tooth crown inflammation.

Among them, if some oral disease delay treatment, it will cause potential threats to the fetus.

Studies have shown that the inflammatory factor of periodontitis can enter the uterus through blood circulation. Once infection occurs in the uterine cavity, it will affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Although theoretically, the effects of dental tablets have a small impact on pregnant women, but in order to follow the protection principles of radiation, patients are radiated by the minimum dose. Generally speaking, doctors do not recommend pregnant women to take dental tablets in the first 3 months of pregnancy.The problem is not serious, and general tooth therapy can be performed in the middle of the pregnancy (4-6 months), such as replenishment, tooth extraction, and root canal therapy.

During this period, if you need to perform an oral X -ray examination, the doctor will also wear a lead bib and a lead apron to pregnant women to further reduce the amount of radiation that may suffer from the abdomen.

All in all, under the principles of strict protection, pregnant women can take dental slices. At the same time, in order to prevent oral diseases from affecting the fetus, it is best to hurry up in the second trimester.

Therefore, Ms. Liang does not have to worry about the impact on the pregnancy of the tooth. Instead, she should conduct oral examinations before preparing for pregnancy, and hurry up to solve the oral problem. If you are really worried, you can also shoot a mouth panoramic film in advance for pregnancy to be pregnant during pregnancy.The need to plan ahead.


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