Women are pregnant as soon as they touch, okay!Fitness causing trouble

Some time ago, the post was entitled "8 years of pregnancy 8 times, and I got pregnant with a little touch. I really don’t want to be a mother so early!"

Netizen Xiaoyi said: "Easy to get pregnant, and get pregnant when you touch. Some people can do everything possible. The difference is really big! Fortunately, my lover is a pregnancy easily." But some netizens disagree, saying:"Dizzy, I have no condoms, and I have been contraceptive for four or five years with my husband. When I want a child, I succeed in one time.

Women who are susceptible to pregnancy, if they are not ready to be a mother, must do contraception beforehand. If abortion frequently, it hurts to pregnant women, and it is also a kind of irresponsibility to the fetus.

When talking about pregnancy, many women will be puzzled. What kind of girls are pregnant?

1. Menstruation law

Most women with menstruation are easier to get pregnant.On the one hand, most menstruation women have better constitution, and pregnancy is normal.On the other hand, the menstrual period is relatively regular, and the ovulation time is relatively fixed. In addition to the accurate calculation time, it is logical to get pregnant.

2. No Gonghan

If women often have cold hands and feet, it shows that she has a physical cold, and the cold of her body can easily lead to dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation. It may cause interference to women’s normal ovulation and affect pregnancy.Therefore, women with normal temperature in hands and feet are relatively easy to get pregnant and are susceptible to pregnancy.

3, open -minded

Girls have a good mentality, more open -minded, and they are more casual for bringing anything. They do not deliberately pursue, but they are more likely to get pregnant.If a woman is more anxious about breeding and too much pressure, it will inevitably affect the endocrine system in the body, but it will not be pregnant.

4. Moderate body

If women are too fat or too much, they will affect the endocrine system, causing the instability of ovulation time and making it difficult to bred.

In this era of "infertility", it is a good thing to be susceptible to pregnancy.If you are not ready to be a parent, you must prepare contraception, do not let the abortion hurt women, but also hurt the baby in the belly.

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