Women are easy to dream after pregnancy. Is the baby "reporting"?What dreams do you have

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"Dream" is probably done by everyone. Some people dream of a long -lost loved ones in their dreams, some people will get rich in their dreams, and some people will dream of some terrible and horrible in their dreams.Things and so on,

Some people’s dreams have some "hints" meaning, such as pregnant women!

Some pregnant women will have some dreams when they are pregnant, called "fetal dreams"!Scientifically, because of pregnancy, hormone changes in the body are related. Hormones not only affect the emotions of pregnant women when pregnant women are awake, but also play a role in sleep. Therefore, these dreams are particularly real.

And the superstition is that the fetus in the stomach is "reporting to the letter" to the mother, telling the mother that she is a boy or a girl, so that the maternal can make some preparations in advance!

Combining the biological experience of some pregnant mothers and the experience of friends around him, the "fetal dream" is probably divided into these:

1: Some mothers will dream of Xiao Feilong drill into their belly, and then give birth to a boy;

2: Some mothers will dream that someone brings flowers on her head, and then give birth to a girl;

3: Some women dreamed that two twisted black and white snakes were entangled, and then checked showed that they were twins;

4: Some women also dreamed of making elevators with a little girl, and then the girl hugged the mother’s leg excitedly. After being born, she was really a girl;

5: There are also mothers who dream of bamboo. When they produce, they gave birth to a boy;

Many mothers have said that such a dream is that the baby will "report letters" to himself, and he is happy every night. It is very interesting, and he is convinced of this!

In fact, professionals said that if pregnant women have "fetal dreams" in this case, it is not good for the fetus!

1: Excessive fatigue

During the pregnancy, due to the fetus, no matter how good the maternal physique is, it will feel tired. After all, the various nutrients in the body should be divided into a lot to give it to the baby.Tired, because there are too many things to "worry"!

Therefore, we must try to maintain a happy mood. Because of the hormone in the body, the mood of pregnant women is very large. In addition, if you feel tired, it is easy to dream, and it is not good for the fetus!

2: mental stress

After pregnancy, everything is headed by the baby’s safety and health, so once the pregnant women do something that hurts the baby, such as falling, hitting the stomach, the belly is too close, etc.However, the situation must be nervous when the situation occurs, and even when she sleeps at night, she will worry about the baby’s departure!Therefore, maternals should relax their minds during pregnancy. Don’t be particularly anxious. Although the baby is fragile, the mother is the root of his survival. Moms must protect themselves to protect the baby!

After reading this article, do you think the "baby dream" does exist?Have you ever done "fetal dreams"?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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