Woman is discovered by her husband from her husband#女

The film and television woman was discovered by her husband as a fake pregnancy, when she called her husband.This woman did a loss of mind. She put on a sexy pajamas and intends to ask her husband for forgiveness with a hot figure.When she called her husband, she was directly hung up by her husband.At this time, the rich husband grabbed a woman who secretly loved herself in the street, and then pulled her into the alley, and then vent a meal.

Since then, I have lived in the life of Jintao Tibetan.Just last night, the woman was preparing to put the artificial belly back into her belly. The husband suddenly broke into the room and found that the woman’s belly was gone.She questioned where her wife’s child was?The woman saw the incident of the East window no longer concealed, and she and Pan asked her husband and children to be in other women’s stomachs.

It turned out that the wife was pregnant for a long time. Because the woman could not have childbirth, she gave her husband’s small tadpoles artificial fertilization to other women, and borrowed her belly to have children.This incident has been hiding for nine months, and the husband who learned the truth was furious.It is difficult for her to accept her loved woman who will lie like this.She chased her husband for forgiveness.

The evil mother -in -law asked her where she went.At this time, the husband woke up like a dream. It turned out that his mother and his wife fell to cheat himself. He felt extremely frustrated.He didn’t want to stay in this family for a moment.You are really useless, I plan everything for you, you actually can’t even do pretending to be pregnant.

The evil mother -in -law asked the woman to roll back to the room quickly, don’t let the other people in the family know.The woman was sitting in the bathtub, and she slowly buried her head in the water, trying to end her life like this.But human instincts made her float again.She brought a shaver again, intending to cut off the arteries on her hand.But in the end she gave up.She hurt the man who loves herself deeply.

The next day, the servant cleaned the room, but accidentally found a bunch of wine bottles under the bed.Because of guilt, women have been sorrowful with wine.The evil mother -in -law came in and found that the woman was always drinking.And she was also found by the servant that she could not wait to give women a slap.Later, the evil mother -in -law gave the servant a sum of money, let the maids stand like a bottle, then pulled the woman into the room, and began to make trouble to the woman.But now the woman’s husband ignore herself.She broke the jar and broke, and she was not afraid of the evil mother -in -law at all.The wicked mother -in -law almost fists, you hit me!The woman said that you hit me and I screamed. At that time, it depends on how you explained to your family.

She said that in order to let you be a mother’s set up a bureau to cheat the whole family, you better give me a settlement, otherwise you are good -looking.But women don’t take it for granted.Originally, she loved each other with her husband, but this evil mother -in -law forced her to lie to her husband to get pregnant with divorce.Now that the two people are related to the freezing point, she doesn’t care about anything at this moment.

The wicked mother -in -law held the woman’s neck in one hand and warned her that she had a month of child birth, so that she had to play the show, so that everyone else at home could not know.

This woman sells her belly to the rich to have children to save her father.As the belly became bigger and bigger, she cheated her dad to travel on a business trip and moved out to live with her family. However, because of the health of her father, she often observed her dad from far downstairs. When she saw her father coming back, she wanted to go up and hug.No, she could only call her father silently, and she felt satisfied when she heard the healthy voice of her father.Dad was also happy to care about her daughter and asked her when she could come back.Because there is still a month of due date, Mies told his father that he would be back next month.Dad was very excited after listening, and the tears urged her daughter to take care of herself.Mies said that he was all good, so that his father would take care of his body.She made a big sacrifice for dad, but saw Dad’s healthy standing in front of herself.Mies feel that everything is worth it, and nothing in the world is more important than his father’s health.At this time, her sister Calin came back. Dad wanted her to talk to her sister a few words, but Mess didn’t want to talk to this unclear sister.She asked her father to take care of her body, and then hung up the phone sadly.Some pain can only bear it by yourself, and some of them can only hide in your heart silently, as long as you can settle well.How about I suffer.Mies became more and more attached to the child in the stomach and was kicked by the child.She can feel a life bred in her belly, but she can’t think too much. After all, the child is to be given to others when the child is born.The next day, the intermediary female warned Mess, so that she would not have any fantasies about her children, so she would have a egg as an egg, otherwise she would only make herself fascinating.At night, Mess had a dream. She dreamed that she and her children chased each other. She woke up in the dream and said to herself that she could not abandon the child.Even if she is a deal, she does not allow herself to do this, or only a woman who becomes a mother will understand her mood at this moment.Mees simply packs clothes.She decided to leave everything away.She then told her that she would return the money to her, but the child would raise it himself.The intermediary woman panicked after hearing.She came to her residence for a long time without seeing Mess, which couldn’t be angry.At this moment, Mess came to Grandma’s house, and she wanted to live at her grandma’s house temporarily.Grandma looked at Metz’s belly, and Metz told her grandmother, and her grandmother stroked Mies’s face distressed.She didn’t expect her granddaughter to be so miserable, and she silently affected everything.

At this moment, grandma’s heart was broken.The next day, the pregnant mother found her stepmother. She pretended to be a census and cheated from her stepmother to the address of her grandmother.She then found Metz.When Mess saw her, she ran away.The pregnant mother chased afterwards, and she chased Mees to let her perform the contract.The two sides were pulling, because it was too excited.Mess suddenly felt that his stomach was painful, and it seemed to have a premature birth, and he didn’t know if the child could survive.It is now facing the danger of premature birth.The grandmother outside was worried. At this time, the pregnant mother called the evil mother -in -law and told her that her child was about to be born, so that she would be prepared for receiving the child.In the delivery room, Mess’s painful heartbroken lungs. This kind of pain may have a child.The doctor then told Grandma that because the child was less than ten months, there may be life -threatening.The doctor suggested that a cesarean section, but Mies is determined not to have a caesarean section.She is willing to endure the pain.Seeing this, I think motherly love is really great. In the end, Mies passed because of physical strength.

As the baby cried, Metz finally gave birth to a white fat boy.Then the pregnant mother gave her a bag of money to let her help holding the child out.But grandma refused.Although she does not want Metz to be an unmarried mother, she hopes that before taking away the child, at least Mess should be a mother.Let her feed her children a milk.

The doctor told her that the eyes of her belly were beautiful, like the stars in the sky, and at this moment, Mies was like a mother full of love.Then Mies felt a little sleepy, and then lay down and rest.Grandma looked at the sleeping Metz, and said to herself that she hoped that Mess would not blame herself, and then cried.At this time, the pregnant mother came in, and she wanted to take away the child but was stopped by her grandmother.Grandma asked if there are other solutions?But pregnant mothers don’t want to say anything at all.She picked up Mess’s child, and then warned her grandmother that we had never seen each other, and then hurried away.Grandma cried at the sleeping Mies.

Please forgive me, my little baby.When Mess woke up, she asked her grandmother why she cried, but her grandmother cried even more.Mies then found that his son was gone.Grandma said that she was taken away by the pregnant mother, and Mies immediately chased.At this time, the pregnant mother hugged the child and trot. She got on a car and Metz chased it, but no matter how she took the car window, the pregnant mother didn’t move, and the car drove away directly.Mies chased behind, but how could her legs catch up with four legs, she kneeling weakly on the ground, crying heartbroken.How helplessly she was at this moment, and finally cried and fainted because she had just gave birth to a child.On the other side, the pregnant mother took the child to the appointment place, and she gave the child to the evil mother -in -law.The evil mother -in -law warned her mother that she would not appear in her own vision in the future.Later, Mess was like walking dead. She did n’t eat or drink for a few days. In her world, she had no colors. She used all the methods and found one place after another.But there is no news of pregnant mothers.She strolled in the night, and suddenly she seemed to hear her son’s cry from the lake. She slowly walked down the lake and pursued her son’s crying step by step.At this time, a woman saw Maz, and she ran to the water to wake Mess.And this woman is the daughter of a pregnant mother, and the woman who is raised outside the rich.She rescued Mies up.The two have become good friends since then.Four years later, the son has grown up.Slang encountered Mies again.Fate can’t avoid it.Mies laughed, why should I apologize to you?Slang asked if she still remembered herself.Mies said that he smashed me with the ball for the first time.The second time you meet, you will tease my sister, and now I hit my cake again. Of course, I remember your shameless idiot.After speaking, leave.But Slang shouted her, and she said that you would go like this would be your loss.Mies disdain his losses?Slang asked her to apologize before telling her why she would apologize to you.

Mies said that every time you see me, I hit me or insult me, wouldn’t you fall in love with me?"She asked, do you think I would fall in love with a stupid*?" Slang was speechless, where is such a handsome face like stupid*.

Slang said that he had picked up a wallet who wanted to return it to it, but it seemed unnecessary now.Mies was anxious after hearing it.She asked if the wallet was red, and there was a photo in it.But Slang was naughty at this time.He said that he was about to leave, and Mies hurriedly stopped her, saying that photos were important to herself.

Slang asked her to apologize first.Mies thought for a while, and then looked at Sora, and reluctantly said sorry.He said that he didn’t bring it today, and I will give you another day.

Then Metz asked Slang’s phone number, and the two met again on the 32nd.Slang was sitting in the car. He felt that although the woman was a bit magical, she was still very cute, but saw that his father helped someone to barbecue on the road. He was also dull by his boss.She is not a taste in her heart.Seeing her father’s appearance, she walked up distressed and asked what Dad was doing here?"Dad said that he wants to make a lot of money to support his family. Metz said that you are still working in the factory during the day, and it is so hard at night. The key is that you have done surgery and you can’t suck too much smoke. Mesh, no matter how much money you make,The two mothers and daughters in the family always felt that they were not enough. At this time, the boss lady came again. "Dad asked Mees to go home first, don’t worry about herself.Watching his father so hard, Metz’s hatred of the martial arts at home deepened.At this time, her sister was trying to try the newly bought perfume at home. She sprayed left and right, and she was happy.

At this time, the stepmother came in with the cake, and her sister smelled her new perfumes from her mother. She kept fidding her perfume, saying that she used her as a princess.The sister walked in and blame her to buy things again.She said that I was a beautiful princess and had noble things.The sister said she was shameless.She said that her sister was jealous of her beauty.Mom also said that she would let her sister do not have more nos.My sister said that her mother always helped her sister, but her sister looked proudly, she was really a princess.

At this time, Mies came in and she blamed her sister what she bought this time.Dad went to work during the day, and at night he also worked part -time to sell barbecue.She was in bad health. Did your conscience have been eaten by a dog?The stepmother said that men to make money to support their families are a matter of justice.This can make Mess’s hair. She picked up her sister’s things and smashed it, which could be distressed by her sister.But there are so many Mies.She continued to pick up her sister’s clothes and smashed it, and finally smashed her sister’s princess perfume.The sister was also angry at this time, but Miss could not get used to her. The sister was going directly to each other with Mies, and the two twisted tightly.At this time, Dad came back to stop it in time. They started a family meeting. The mother said that although her sister loves beauty, but as a girl does not love beauty, we are a family, and we should support each other.Mies said that since she was a family, she should also contribute to the family. She couldn’t always be a worm at home, and her stepmother wanted to justify something.But the father was angry at this moment, don’t make noisy anymore.Dad said that he would work hard to make money and do his best to make you live a better life.Mies said I made such a big sacrifice to save you.Now that you work so tired every day, I still feel bad for me to barbecue at night.Dad took the hand of two daughters, hoping that they would be dismissed.He said that the family should be in love with each other, but Mies did not do it.She said that it was shameful to be a worm, and it was a shame.After speaking, he left in anger.

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