Within eight weeks of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers may "stop their fetuses". Doctors: Not necessarily bad things

Recently, Sister Sun frequently entered the hospital, so that the family was frightened, and she was afraid of a little accident.Sister Sun was pregnant two months ago. When she was checked in the hospital recently, the doctor said that she did not check the fetal heart. She suspected that the embryo had stopped developing, so she asked Sister Sun to go to the hospital for a review in two weeks.The results of the review came out quickly, and it was really stopped.Sister Sun couldn’t accept this result. She and her husband had been pregnant for so long.

"Tire stop" is not necessarily a bad thing

For many husbands and wives, I have worked hard for so long, and finally conceived, thinking that I could have no worries, but I did not expect that they would "stop".Such a blow is undoubtedly fatal, and now what "fetal stop" is not necessarily bad?Husbands and wives may feel that they are really "standing and not back pain."

When Sister Sun just received the news, she also cried for a long time, and she couldn’t calm down for a long time.But the attending doctor spoke: "For you, the fetal stop is not necessarily a bad thing. You are still young and there will be many children. Young people, want to open something."

Doctors said: This kind of thing is actually very common. Generally, it is about 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. The chance of occurring within eight weeks is slightly larger.It’s like a seed. If you want to germinate, the time and development of embryo development are particularly important.

1. Suggesty fitness fittest

As soon as it comes to "fetal stop", most pregnant mothers think of something wrong with her body.In fact, the healthy couple will also have fetal stops.The cause of these situations is like the "survival of the fittest" of nature. If there are certain defects in the embryo itself, in this case, fetal stops are much better than having malformed babies!To a large extent, the birth of the malformed fetus is avoided.Just like the farmers’ uncle will always choose high -quality and full seeds when sowing, so as to ensure the normal development of the embryo. If there are defects in the embryo, it may not sprout when germination in spring, or it is much smaller than the normal plant.Even in the later period, it will not bear the results, isn’t it a waste of their hard work?

2. Protection of each other

Some fetal stops are because the environment inside the mother is not suitable, or that the pregnant mother suffers from some diseases that are not suitable for pregnancy, so the fetal stop is protecting the pregnant mother.For example, many old -age moms who want to have a second child, first of all, the environment inside the mother’s body is no longer suitable for the development of the embryo, coupled with the age, the body’s various functions decrease, and there will be many in pregnancy. There will be many in pregnancy.There is a certain danger during pregnancy, or even during childbirth.And "embryo", knowing that I can’t develop, and can’t hurt my dear pregnant mothers, so I automatically stops developing.

Two major methods to prevent "fetal stop"

Why does it stop?The reason is that the embryo has problems when developing, and there is a problem with the embryo itself.As long as these two stages are taken, the chance of tire stop will be reduced a lot.

1. The fertilized eggs should be high -quality, and the living habits of pregnant couples must be corrected

From the source to solve the problem, in general, the combination of high -quality JZ and LZ, and the fertilized eggs are relatively high -quality.Suppose that the JZ or LZ provided by one party is not high -quality, and the fertilized eggs will have some problems in the later development.Therefore, in both couples during pregnancy, smoking and alcohol are necessary, and physical examinations should be performed in time.

2. In the development of embryos, the mother should have a strong body

Especially in about eight weeks, pregnant mothers should pay attention to their bodies, pay attention to the development of the embryo at any time, and go to the hospital for examination in time.Pregnant mothers who feel troublesome can also prepare a fetal heart monitor at home to monitor the development of the embryo at any time.Once the mother has any disease, it may also cause fetal stops and abortion.It is best to regulate the body in time with the advice of the doctor and lay the foundation for the development of the baby.

If you just experience a fetal stop, pregnant mothers should not worry too much.Because this is a simple survival of the fittest, which can be prepared again after three months of rest; if it is multiple "tire stops", it is recommended to do a comprehensive examination in the hospital to find out which link is wrong.Pregnant mothers should not have too much pressure, relax, and baby can develop healthy.

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