Will the polycystic ovary syndrome cause infertility, and what will the impact on?

Everyone may sound strange to everyone. I do n’t know what disease this disease is, but the clinical incidence of this disease is indeed very high. Most patients do not come with menstruation, and even have a menstrual clinic for several months.This disease is a class of gynecological diseases caused by women’s own endocrine disorders based on irregular menstruation.

The polycystic ovary syndrome is mainly manifested in four aspects, one. Most irregular menstruation: Most of them have less menstrual flow, menstruation for several months, and even no menstruation.Menstrual extension is a manifestation.2. Performance of Highnesty: One of the manifestations is acne. Many women with diagnosis are full of acne, which also accounts for a considerable proportion. In fact, as long as therogen is described, acne will naturally disappear;, Mainly manifested in armpits, pussy, and facial hair heavier; the manifestation of black spiny skin diseases is also caused by high androgen, most of which can be observed at the skin wrinkles; for the high androgens, we can determine it by checking the sex hormone to determine it.This is the best test that can be used as the factual basis. Generally, we have to check the blood abdominal blood drawing hormone in two to three days during menstrual periods, and judge the level of their ownrogen according to the results.3. Infertility: There are still some patients who go to the outpatient clinic because they are inaccurate after marriage. As a result, it was found that it was a polycystic ovary syndrome. An important feature of the polycystic ovary syndrome is that it is not ovulation and ovulation.The vaginal discharge during ovulation is mostly raz, and the base temperature of the ovulation period will also rise. You can observe it yourself.4. Insulin resistance: Some patients belong to insulin resistance. Most patients have reported their own appetite in the near future, are hungry and hungry, and their weight increase. It is mainly due to abdominal obesity.This suggests that we have problems with endocrine.

Clinical diagnosis takes patients with irregular menstruation as the main complaint. In addition, B -ultrasound suggests that bilateral ovaries are changed in multi -cysts, and the level ofrogens in the combination of sex hormones are higher, or LH/FSH ≥ 2.5Diagnosis is polycystic ovary syndrome, and some patients are manifested as fat type, partly manifestation as thin type.Patients with obesity should lose weight to relieve the condition. First, they can make changes in diet and physical exercise. Reasonable meals and exercise more.High androgens patients need to reduce their incense treatment.For patients who do not come to menstruation, they need to use lutenone to promote menstruation.The disease in the disease has increased in the disease, so it reminds everyone to live a healthy life, reasonable diet, and stay away from the disease.Of course, if you find that menstrual abnormalities come to the outpatient clinic in time, early treatment is found.

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