Will the fetus shout hungry?It turns out that these are all signals to urge pregnant mothers to rice!

The fetus in the belly is not lost on the "dried rice" line. When they feel hungry, they will secretly send out the "secret number" pregnant mothers to pay attention ~~~

Which signals indicate that the stomach is "hungry"

Signal one

Pregnant mothers are generally easy to be hungry. Whoever makes a snack in the belly always eats "grabbing".When the digestion is particularly fast, it means that the nutrition that the pregnant mother had taken up was in short supply!

Therefore, when the fetus is hungry, he starts to grab nutrition with his mother, and the pregnant mother, don’t be stupid, quickly add some energy!

Signal two

At the time of meals, the fetus will be naughty in the stomach, stretching and kicking.If the pregnant mother has not eaten at this time, the fetal movement will become more frequent! In fact, this is the fetus conveying the signal to you- "Mom, I’m hungry, I want to eat delicious!"

Signal three

If the fetal movement is very regular, the fetus suddenly enters the "dormant" state.

Pregnant mothers must pay attention, the fetus may say —- "Mom, I’m hungry, so I have no strength, so let me fed me to eat!" Or, the fetus is too excited, calling with the last trace of strength calls—– "Mom, don’t you eat a little, I have to make a little emotion!"

However, at this time, the pregnant mother has not been "active" after eating something, please see the doctor in time ~

How much is pregnant for a long time when pregnant mothers are hungry for a long time

We all know that pregnant mothers eat two people to make up. If they eat normally every day, snacks can absorb nutrients at any time, and they can develop normally and healthy.

If the pregnant mother is often hungry, the time is long, it can easily cause symptoms such as hypoglycemia and constipation, and it may cause abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.

The nutrition stored in the body cannot keep up with the nutritional needs of the fetus, causing the fetus to be lighter than the same age baby, poor physical fitness, etc. after birth, which will seriously lead to poor organs.Therefore, when pregnant mothers should "dry rice", they must be delicious, and they must not let their stomach grow up.

The fetus is hungry = pregnant mother is hungry? Is it really right?

In fact, it is very simple. If the pregnant mother wants to eat something after eating, that is, it ’s my own mouth, do n’t rely on the snacks in the belly.

If you are not hungry when you are meals, it ’s a better chance that the fetus will be hungry, and you are playing with you.

However, there are often pregnant mothers to find reasons for themselves, "Husband, baby wants to eat this, the baby wants to eat that", and then there is no taboo for all foods. Although eating more for the fetus in the bellyIt’s not a good thing!

During pregnancy, "long fetus, no meat, pregnant mothers should eat this way

Pregnant mothers cannot treat their diet casually during pregnancy. They must follow the three basic principles of diet during pregnancy: balanced and safe.

1. The regular diet should adhere to the regular diet. You can also disassemble the three meals for 5 ~ 6 meals, and eat every 2 to 3 hours. Each meal should be appropriate.

2. The diversity of food eats grains, vegetables, vegetables, beans, meat and egg milk, etc., reasonably diet, pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables, and often eat foods containing iron and calcium.Milk.

3. Pay attention to food safety

Some foods may have safety risks such as harmful ingredients and pathogenic microorganisms. Pregnant mothers need to avoid:

Do not eat cooked meat, eggs, etc., as well as uninterrupted dairy products; reduce foods that eat spicy and stimulating foods, such as hot pot, fried foods, etc. Do not eat water products with high mercury content, such as swordfish, sharks, sharkswait;

Drinking, including some alcoholic beverages and food.

Overall, diet during pregnancy should be avoided as much as possible, maintaining light food, keeping light, ensuring safety and hygiene, and controlling the amount. Pregnant mothers can still eat.

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