Will the fetus shout "hungry"?It turns out that these are all signals to "dry rice" in the pregnant mother

"Dried people, dry rice souls, dry rice are all people!" Have you been brainwashed recently?

In fact, during pregnancy, not only the pregnant mother has frequent hunger, but the fetus in the stomach is not lost on the "dry rice" line!When they are hungry, they will secretly issue "secret numbers", and pregnant mothers have to have snacks!

Will the fetus really hungry?

In fact, before the baby is born, it will not feel "hungry", because the pregnant mother’s stomach is full of amniotic fluid, and the baby’s digestive system is filled with amniotic fluid, so the "hunger" feeling of "hunger" we understandThe baby is not appreciated.

But the baby is not hungry does not mean that he does not lack nutrition.If the pregnant mother’s nutritional intake is insufficient and can not be eaten on time, resulting in a decrease in nutrient content in the blood, it will affect the fetal intake of the fetus, and the long -term continuity will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant women need to eat on time during pregnancy to consume high protein, high -calorie, high vitamin diet, while replenishing trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, etc. at the same time.

What will the pregnant mother feel when the fetus needs nutrition?

1. Suddenly frequent fetal movement

Many pregnant mothers know the health of the fetus by monitoring the number of fetal movements.If the fetal movement is regular, it means that the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen is good.

But if the fetal movement suddenly becomes strong, everything else is normal, it may be that it is almost the meal, and the fetus is "hungry".Eating something appropriately, the child will not be so noisy.

2. The fetus suddenly became quiet

If the fetus suddenly becomes quiet, not as active as before, it may be hungry, and there is no strength to fight.Most of this situation appears when pregnant mothers feel hungry but have not eaten for a long time.

Therefore, if pregnant women feel hungry after pregnancy, they must supplement food. Do not always be hungry, otherwise the fetus will be malnourished.

3. I feel hungry

Many pregnant women will control their diet in order to maintain their figure during pregnancy.But if pregnant women often feel hungry, they must increase nutrition appropriately.Many nutritionists also recommend that pregnant women can use less meals during pregnancy.

For example, it can be divided into six meals a day to eat, so that not only will it not gain weight, but it will not always be in a state of hunger.At the same time, it can also reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines.

In addition, proper exercise is also a way to control the weight of pregnancy. Choosing a suitable exercise can also help pregnant women to maintain their figure.

The fetus is hungry equivalent to the mother is hungry?

The human body feels hungry, often the blood sugar content in the body is too low.During pregnancy, the fetal nutrients and energy are all drawn through the placenta, and when the mother’s blood sugar content is small, the blood sugar content of the fetus will be reduced.Insufficient blood sugar content can also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

If the pregnant mother is in a state of hunger for a long time and does not supplement food, the child will definitely not get enough energy and nutrition, and naturally develop well.full.

How to remedy fetal malnutrition?

If the fetus is "hungry" for a long time, malnutrition will occur.How to remedy when the fetus appears malnutrition?

1. Pay attention to supplement enough protein

Pregnant mothers must ensure sufficient protein intake during pregnancy. Daily supplementation of 2100 kcal daily in the early pregnancy, about 2300 kcal in the middle of pregnancy, and staying at about 2300 ~ 2400 kcal per day in the third trimester.

Eat more eggs such as eggs, big beans, milk, and other foods rich in high -quality protein.

2. Supplement folic acid on time

Supplementing folic acid during pregnancy can effectively prevent the fetus from developing nerve tube deformities. Pregnant mothers are best to start intake during preparation and three months before pregnancy. The daily guarantee of 400mg can be guaranteed.Folic acid vegetables.

3. Ensure that vitamin supply is sufficient

Fetal growth and development cannot be separated from vitamin supplies. Pregnant mothers should eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. If the body is seriously deficient, some vitamins are needed to ensure sufficient supply.

In addition, the diet of pregnant mothers must pay attention to the matching of vegetables and vegetables during pregnancy, diverse types, pay attention to nutritional balance, and ensure the sufficient supply of various nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

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