Will the drug flow after fetal stopping affect the next pregnancy?

The stopping of the fetus is destined to be the sad topic of many pregnant girls. Many of the newly pregnant girls have a feeling, that is, the baby in the stomach disappears inexplicably.

When the baby comes, it is very real, with nausea and early pregnancy in the palace. All of this is so real; however, the baby is extremely silent when he leaves.It’s right.

Even many girls who have had a history of fetal stopping. When preparing for pregnancy again, they are worried that their fetal stopping drugs will affect preparation. When she is pregnant, she will be worried that she will stop it again?

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If the drug abortion was aborted in two weeks, the blood was smooth and clean under the two weeks, and there was no infection. Basically, the body was not very affected.However, if this bleeding time is long and causes infection, it is difficult to say that it will not affect the re -prepared pregnancy.

The key is not whether the abortion will affect the next problem of pregnancy. The main reason is that after the medication flow after the fetal stopping is completely over, the body is completely recovered. After a menstruation, you still have to go to the hospital to check the fetus.After finding the reason, there is a guidance for the next pregnancy.

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There are couples who have stopped their history. They are recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

The male inspection items for fetal stopping are:

1. Semen shedding cytological examination: Determine sperm vitality and whether there are malformation sperm.

2. Male prostate examination: Prostatitis can cause abnormal semen.

3. Chromatotherapy: Chromosomal abnormalities are an important cause of tire stopping.

Female -stop female inspection project

1. Women’s endocrine test: Endocrine level determines the quality of follicles, the quality of the follicles, and directly affects the quality of the embryo. When the quality of the embryo is not good, it is easy to cause tires to stop.

2. Four women’s eugenics: including rubella virus, giant cell virus, toxoplasty and herpes zosteriopathic virus. Pregnant women and women planned to pregnant women have a high chance of infection with the fetus., Also make the baby’s birth malformation.

3. Immune antibody examination: Including anti -sperm antibodies, closed antibodies, anti -embryo antibodies, antibum antibodies, anti -nuclear antibodies, anti -uterine endometrial antibodies, anti -human velvetic gonadotropin antibodies, anti -cardin and phospholipid antibodies, etc.The clinical manifestations of infertility are fetal stopping.

4. Thyroid function test: abnormal thyroid dysfunction is a factor that causes tire stopping.

5. Routine leucorrhea: Check whether there are tricles, mold, mycoplasma, chlamydia infection, bacterial vaginal inflammation, etc.

Reminder: Do not be afraid of female friends when they encounter fetal stops. When they go to regular professional hospitals, find the cause of fetal stopping and accept scientific diagnosis and treatment, and they can still be born naturally.””” 孕 官”””

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