Will the breasts develop secondary?How to choose underwear?

Considering the needs of breastfeeding after pregnancy, the breasts of pregnant women will become larger and heavier during pregnancy, and the skin of the breast area will be stretched. If there is no suitable support, the breast sagging may cause drooping and deformation.Raise.

In order to be the health of mothers and babies, you must choose the bra with caution, otherwise it may cause breast deformation, which may seriously lead to poor blood circulation and affect breast health.

How do you choose the bra?

1. Buy the full cup bra, the soft steel tray as a support

After pregnancy, the weight of the breasts increases and the lower siege is increased. If there is no support, the increased breasts will sag, and the fiber tissue in the breast may be destroyed and it is difficult to recover after being destroyed.Wearing a suitable and comfortable bra, avoid compression of breast and nipples, or inflammation.

2. Select cotton in the fabric

The fabric is naturally soft and breathable, and the breath is fresh and natural. Cotton bras can also reduce breast inflammation caused by friction.In the third trimester, some expectant mothers will have milk secretion. The breathability of pure cotton is good, heat -resistant, and will not be stuffy. Even in the hot summer, it can better stop the clothes and absorb the heat.

3. Buy a relatively large bra

In the process of pregnancy to production, the breasts increased about two cups.

Based on this, expectant mothers should choose more loose bras to make the breasts have no sense of compression and avoid affecting the hyperplasia and development of the breast.No milk or less milk after giving birth.

4. Try to choose a breastfeeding bra for the second trimester

Breastfeeding bras are not only suitable for mothers during pregnancy, but also for breastfeeding.You can choose active petal straps in the second trimester. You do n’t need to take off your underwear during breastfeeding. It is convenient to apply.Soft filaments can also hold the breasts to prevent deformation.With a mammal towel when you go out to feed, you can easily breastfeed!

When choosing a bra, expectant mothers must choose the bra designed for expectant mothers, and change at any time as the breast changes.

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