Will progesterone be miscarriage?Is there a use of luteal ketone tire?

When going to the hospital for examination in the early pregnancy, progesterone will be checked. Sometimes the doctor will tell you that the progesterone is low, so that you can eat luteum to protect the fetus.

What is progesterone?Does low progesterone really have a miscarriage?

Welon is also known as progesterone, which has a very important role in the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy.

It has two sources. One is secreted by the luteal of ovarian pregnancy in the early pregnancy, and the other is that the placental nourishing cells are generated after 8-10 weeks of pregnancy.

So if the progesterone value is low, does it mean the possibility of abortion?

In fact, pregnant mothers do not need to entangle the elevation of the progesterone index, because in the early pregnancy, the fluctuation of progesterone will be relatively large, and there is no great clinical guidance significance.

Generally speaking, the progesterone secretion of pregnant mothers is pulse, that is, if measured at different time periods of a day, the degree of volatility obtained is very high. Therefore, it is not recommended in major guidelines at home and abroad.Performatone is used as conventional test indicators in the early pregnancy.

And the progesterone value in the early pregnancy can not be used as an indicator of the pre -pregnancy prognosis (evaluating whether the fetal development is normal? Is it possible to develop abortion? Is there abnormalities in the quality of the embryo?), Nor can it be used as an index of identification or diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.

Unless, progesterone continues to reduce it below 5-10NG/ml, it is necessary to pay attention to the pregnant mothers and go to the hospital for examination in time.

Therefore, in addition to the following people with special circumstances, most pregnant mothers do not need additional progesterone.

For abortion caused by clear causes, such as diabetes, anti -phospholipid syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid dysfunctional disorder, etc., should be used to treat it with corresponding drugs without additional progesterone.

Only those abortion caused by unknown reasons can be related to the incomplete luteum function. Pregnant mothers need to supplement progesterone in accordance with the doctor’s advice, but you must not take it without authorization.

Welonone can maintain the normal function of pregnancy luteum. If the dysfunction of the progesterone is incomplete, it will affect normal pregnancy and cause premature birth and abortion.

Therefore, for those pregnant mothers with luteal dysfunction, additional progesterone is very important.

There are signs of threatened abortion during pregnancy

If it is found that it is a threatened abortion due to incomplete luteum function, then additional progesterone is needed to support luteal function to avoid abortion due to incomplete luteum function.Pregnant mothers who used to have a history of recurrence of abortion

Recordal abortion refers to the loss of pregnancy before 28 weeks of pregnancy (including natural miscarriage, embryonic decoration, biochemical pregnancy, auxiliary reproductive failure, etc.).

However, if the pregnant mother has had two consecutive miscarriage before, then it must be paid attention to, because if the risk of abortion is close to 3 times.

Under normal circumstances, the cause of recurrent miscarriage is very complicated, so it is recommended to supplement some progesterone during pregnancy, which may help to avoid abortion again.There are signs of threatened premature birth during pregnancy

At this time, additional progesterone is required to support luteal function, which can reduce a certain degree of premature risk in some cases (such as previous history of premature birth and incomplete cervical function, etc.).

Pregnant mothers still have to be happy during pregnancy. Even if the test results show that some indexes are abnormal (such as progesterone), don’t worry too much, just follow the doctor’s order.

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