Will pregnant women infect the new coronal virus more serious?

Maternal mothers are the key groups of preventing new crown pneumonia. How can they maintain their health?The State Council ’s joint defense and control mechanism organized experts in related fields to answer the questions that everyone cared about.

Experts said that pregnant women are infected with new coronal viruses or have been infected with new coronal viruses, and they generally do not pass to the fetus by childbirth.Is there any difference between pregnant women?

Qiao Jie, Director of the National Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Medicine Research Center of the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: In terms of overall crowd, maternal mothers may have three similarity, one is close to the infection rate of our ordinary people, and the second is the symptoms (the secondThe symptoms) are also close to ordinary people, about 10%of them, and the other type of symptoms of her symptoms, such as dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, some fever, this is also very close to the type of performance, which is very close to the typeGenerally, it has improved in three or four days. The course of about 7 days has not increased the health of the health of pregnant women.

Which pregnant women should pay special attention?

So, which groups of people in maternals need to pay more attention to their condition than ordinary people?How to protect it?

Qiao Jie, Director of the China Academy of Academy of Academician National Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Medicine Research Center: It should be noted that there are pregnant women with basic diseases. There are also hypertension and diabetes. If there are some fever at the same time, it may increase, so it will also beRemind these mothers to strengthen their protection.For pregnant women, the particularly important first is that it is best to vaccine before pregnancy to increase your immunity.The second prevention of basic diseases should be adjusted as much as possible before pregnancy.The most important thing for pregnant women to protect themselves is that they must wear masks when they go out. They must wear masks in the public venue. If they go to the hospital, they must wear N95 masks.In addition, you usually pay attention to your home and office location. In addition, you must go back and wash your hands.

Source: CCTV

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