Will pregnancy become "ugly"?In fact, these seven changes are the most common!

After pregnancy, due to the effects of endocrine and body metabolism, the body of pregnant moms, especially the skin, may change.

So what is the change?Let’s take a look together.

1. Pigmeal precipitation

Most pregnant moms have different degrees of pigmentation, and the most obvious parts are the original freckles of areola, vulva, and the skin on the skin.

2. Mao Mao

Most pregnant moms can have different degrees of hair. They are the most obvious on their faces. They are arms, calves and backs in turn, and the growth rate of hair increases by 20%.

3, stretch marks

Most of the pregnant mothers have pale red or purple -red lines in the abdomen when they are 6 to 7 months pregnant, and sometimes occur in the chest or groin.

4. Spider mole

Some pregnant moms are in the eyes and other parts of "spider moles" in the eyelids and other parts when they are pregnant for 2 to 5 months.

5. The skin color is changeable

After many pregnant moms are pregnant, the skin becomes sensitive to various stimuli.Especially hot and cold stimulation, sometimes pale, sometimes flushed, even with the face.

6. Obesity

About half of the pregnant mummy. Since 4 to 5 months of pregnancy, the body will gradually become fat, and the subcutaneous fat will increase significantly, losing the beauty of the previous curve.

7. Edema

Most of the pregnant moms have different degrees of edema in the middle and late pregnancy, and the lower limbs and ankles are the most obvious.A small number of pregnant mommy’s face and upper limbs will also appear mild edema.

Nursing method during pregnancy

1. Pregnant moms should strengthen self -care during pregnancy to avoid too long in the sun. When going out in summer and autumn, we should wear shading caps or umbrellas. Do not perform "sunbathing".

2. Pay attention to diet and nutrition, do not eat stimulating foods such as spicy, and usually choose vegetable oil for diet. Do not eat or eat less animal fat.

3. Wash your face in the morning, middle, and night, do not apply low -quality skin care oil and skin cream, and do not use soaps of poor quality; use less cosmetics and perfumes as much as possible.

As long as pregnant moms ensure sufficient sleep, regular work and rest, and balanced diets during pregnancy, and participating in sports activities appropriately, they can help quickly restore their youthful and beautiful posture after childbirth.

Pregnant mommy’s pregnancy is "ugly". It is normal. There is no need to worry too much. It should be happy, relaxed, and calm.It can usually be recovered within three months after childbirth.

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