Will it cause infertility when suffering from gynecological inflammation?Know these 3 health knowledge, you will know

For women of childbearing age, being able to get pregnant normally and become a expectant mother, it is a happy thing.However, now, there are many women in childbearing age because they are distressed because they are unsuccessful.

Will suffering from gynecological inflammation affect pregnancy?These issues have attracted the attention of the public. In response, gynecologists also responded: Really!Don’t ignore it, treatment as soon as possible is the "king".

1. Will gynecological inflammation affect conception?

When it comes to gynecological inflammation, don’t think that it is just simple vaginal inflammation.In fact, gynecological inflammation includes many aspects, such as vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis, attachmentitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease.Therefore, it can be considered that gynecological inflammation will actually have an impact on the entire reproductive system. Therefore, the answer to whether gynecological inflammation will affect normal conception, and the answer is certain.

2. How does gynecological inflammation cause infertility?

For women of childbearing age, if you want to conceive normally, you need to meet three conditions:

The first is to be perfected.This includes the combination of sperm and eggs to meet normally, but if there is cervical lesions, uterine cavity adhesion, or fallopian tubes, any of them will cause sperm and eggsFertilization eggs.

The second is to successfully bed.If the environment in the uterine cavity is not enough to make the best place to choose to bed, at this time, even if the fertilized eggs are formed, it is almost impossible to succeed in pregnancy.

The third is that there are no other abnormalities throughout pregnancy.Especially premature birth, threatening abortion, etc. These will cause pregnancy failure, which is not related to gynecological inflammation.Therefore, it can be seen that gynecological inflammation will actually have an important impact during the pregnancy of women during childbearing age.

3. How to prevent gynecological inflammation?

It is not difficult to prevent gynecological inflammation. The key is that everyone needs to start with some details in their own lives.

On the one hand, pay attention to the hygiene of personal and private parts, especially for your own personal clothes, pay attention to cleaning and disinfection in time to ensure the breathable, clean, and moldy of the underwear. This is a key step to prevent gynecological inflammation;

On the other hand, paying attention to sexual hygiene, although enjoying "sexual blessing" is the basic right of everyone, it is necessary to do good hygiene in the process of enjoying "sexual blessings", otherwise it is likely to give it to it.It will eventually lead to gynecological inflammation in the end of the endless trouble.

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