Will gynecological diseases lead to infertility?It’s okay, these 4 methods make you want to give birth

Breeding and daughter are human nature. Many women start to raise their bodies to prepare for pregnancy after they get married, but many women will find that pregnancy is more difficult than their imagination.There are many factors that cause pregnancy difficulties or infertility. There are also women who will have a certain degree of gynecological inflammation. So, will gynecological diseases cause infertility?What are the methods to help pregnancy?

The breeding of life requires a healthy environment, so women’s gynecological diseases or reproductive organs naturally will naturally affect the chance of conception.Du Hongzi, deputy chief physician of the Reproductive Medicine Department of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said in an previous interview that vulvar vaginal disease often affects sexual life and forms infertility., Caused a decline in fertility.

"For example, the vulva and vaginal inflammation will be mostly manifested as leucorrhea secretion. Antibacterial vaginal suppositories are used for non -specific vaginitis. Trichomonas vaginitis can be treated with local extinguishing or oral treatment. Each course of treatment is more than 10 days.Men need to treat at the same time. Mooblastitis can be washed with soda water, and anti -mold drugs such as local or oral or oxyromycin and gylobicillin can be conceived naturally if there is no adverse sequelae after thorough treatment. "

Du Hongzi said that there are many infertility due to female vaginal factors. In fact, vaginal inflammation is actually one of them. If vaginal spasm occurs, it will also affect sexual life and even conception.And spiritual -psychotherapy. The vaginal spasm caused by organic lesions is called pseudo -vaginal spasm, such as Paradic adenitis, hymen, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc., which require symptomatic treatment. "

If you want to increase the chance of conception, men and women must have a good body before preparing pregnancy. Women have gynecological inflammation and diseases. If so, there are many gynecological diseases and inflammation leading to infertility and fetal stop development.Whether male sperm is normal, first exclude the body’s dysfunction.

In addition, if you want to increase the chance of conception, you can adopt the following ways of assisted methods:

1. Choose the best concert time: that is to find a female ovulation period. Generally speaking, for women with menstruation, the ovulation period is the middle days in the middle of the menstrual cycle, such as the 28 -day cycle. On the 14th day, basically basicallyIt is ovulation. A few days before and after the 14th day, the same room is the best, and the surrogacy rate is high.

2. Women should warm the palace: Many women will have the situation of palace cold, which is definitely not good for conception.s Choice.

3. Enhance physical fitness: During pregnancy, women should develop healthy living habits as much as possible, a balanced diet, and can exercise the body through exercise, enhance immunity, and promote blood circulation.

4. Relaxation: It is often difficult to "hit the middle" in pregnancy. Women should relax as much as possible, maintain a happy mood, and have a harmonious sexual life when they are happy.And if there is emotional excitement or unhappy, this will affect ovulation, and ovulation will be irregular, and the chance of conception will be reduced.

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