Will antiepile epilepsy cause fetal malformations?Patients with epilepsy patients need to pay attention to 2 things

When it comes to epilepsy, some people may think that patients with such diseases must not have children at all. After all, this disease is genetically genetically genet, and pregnant women with epilepsy will have a certain impact on the fetus during pregnancy.

In fact, this statement is not exactly correct. As long as patients with epilepsy can stabilize the disease, they can still have a baby.Of course, if pregnant women with epilepsy want to give birth to healthy babies, it is best to have professional doctors for medication guidance.

Below, I will popularize some of the problems about epilepsy pregnant women.

We know that there are more side effects of antiepileptic drugs, so if patients with epilepsy want to regenerate healthy babies, they must ensure that the condition during pregnancy is stable.The damage caused by antiepileptic drugs to the baby.

Because, if you take antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy, you will increase the chance of fetal congenital malformations. According to research, the descendants of women who take single antiepileptic drugs are 2 to 3 times more than ordinary people, and multiple types are taken to take multiple types, while taking multiple typesThe deformed rate of women of anti -epilepsy drugs will be higher. The key is that the baby’s intelligence will also be affected to some extent, which will bring more serious harm to the health of the baby.

Because antiepileptic drugs have more serious hazards and influence on the fetus, some epilepsy pregnant women have not been well controlled in epilepsy. When taking epilepsy drugs, they must secretly refuse to take antiepileptic drugs.If your baby brings harm, you can ensure the health of your baby.

In fact, this idea and approach are also very wrong, because if the prospective mothers with epilepsy have given up to take epilepsy, it is likely to cause the seizure to develop again, and the seizures will also bring some to the baby in the stomach.Serious harm.

First of all, once the epilepsy mothers have a strong enlightenment, it is prone to lactate poisoning, which will cause the fetal heartbeat to slow down, causing fetal suffocation, hypoxia or damage.If frequent seizures may cause abortion, for pregnant women themselves, it is likely to cause pregnancy complications, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, vaginal bleeding, premature birth, and difficulty.

Secondly, if the seizures during pregnancy during pregnancy will also cause fetal malformations. If epilepsy frequent seizures, it is easy to cause pregnant women to be pregnant with epilepsy, so that anti -epilepsy drugs are treated.The adverse effects on the fetus, such as congenital malformations, congenital heart disease, low intelligence, etc.

In short, it is better for female friends with epilepsy diseases to be pregnant after being cured. After all, whether it is antiepileptic drugs or recurrent epilepsy, it will bring greater harm and impact on the fetus and pregnant women itself.Once the epilepsy is seizures during pregnancy, we have to take antiepileptic drugs, which will have irreversible effects to pregnant women and fetuses.

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