Why not attend someone else’s wedding after pregnancy?Real experience of pregnant mothers: harm is not good for others

After pregnancy, there are many taboos, and pregnant mothers need to pay special attention.However, when the old man is a pregnant mother, the pregnant mother is likely to not listen to it, but also feels bored.For example, the old man said, "If you are pregnant, try not to attend the wedding, it is easy to be safe."Some pregnant mothers misunderstood the elderly after listening. They felt that the elderly were too ancient board and did not understand human affection.

Pregnant mothers try not to attend the wedding, how easy it is

A netizen posted that he was pregnant for a month, and it happened that his girlfriend would be married at the end of the month.I thought that my physical harm was very serious and I didn’t plan to go.But another thought, the girlfriend married, this is a great event. If you do n’t go, you ca n’t say it on his face.As a result, netizens decided to attend the wedding.

However, the mother -in -law who heard the news was very uneasy about the pregnant mother. I said, "Try to go out as much as possible after pregnancy, and go to other people’s weddings.

Netizens felt that the old man was too nagging, so he didn’t take it seriously. He went to the wedding scene as usual on the same day.There are a lot of people there, and the marriage is very serious.In order to be pure, netizens were sitting in the wedding bed.

Unexpectedly, the people who took the relatives squeezed in, and everyone was in trouble.Netizens couldn’t dodge at the time, accidentally tripped down, and fell on the corner of the wedding bed.The accident happened, and netizens suddenly had a stomachache very much.

Seeing this, her girlfriend hurriedly suspended the wedding and accompanied her into the hospital. Fortunately, the fetus was fine in the end, and the girlfriend rushed back to the wedding scene again.

However, this incident has a great blow to netizens and makes her very annoyed. If the child has something to do, not only can she not pass her own level, but it will also harm the wedding of my girlfriend. It is really disadvantaged!She began to regret that she did not listen to her mother -in -law’s advice. Fortunately, her mother -in -law had no complaints at all, and she didn’t mention this at all.

Netizens were particularly moved, so they sent out their experiences and warned everyone: "The old man said, there is some reason. After pregnancy, you should make less lively and try not to attend someone else’s wedding, which can prevent accidents from happening."

Why should I go to the wedding as little as possible after pregnancy?

How unsafe people are afraid of miscarriage

After pregnancy, pregnant women are inconvenient, and some pregnant women themselves are seriously happy. Individual pregnant women also have the phenomenon of fetal instability.There is a pain in the lower abdomen, or there are other discomfort symptoms.At this time, pregnant women are more suitable for raising tires at home, and they are even more unsuitable to attend the wedding.

There are also pregnant women who are more comfortable in their bodies and feel that they have physical strength to attend the wedding.However, it was discovered at the scene that the wedding was more serious. Everyone was festive and completely neglected the children in the stomach of the pregnant woman.

As a result, some jokes were too hot, and it was difficult for pregnant mothers to come down.The noisy action is too large, which increases the risk of abortion of pregnant mothers.

Diet may not be safe

Pregnant mothers have some taboos to eat.For example, you must not eat too spicy and cold foods; it is not recommended to eat foods that are easy to induce allergies, and you cannot eat foods that should not be eaten.

However, when attending the wedding, the food is a big pot, and the food may not be a food suitable for pregnant mothers.Some foods are not fully familiar with the appearance.Other dishes were stained with saliva, which was not hygienic.Sometimes, at first glance, the pregnant mother saw that there were so many foods, and they were greedy for a while, and they couldn’t control their appetite.

As a result, the greedy of pregnant mothers is not tight, and it is easy to support digestion. Once you eat foods that you should not eat, allergies or uncomfortable.In severe cases, maybe you have a stomach or even bad for the fetus.

Nevertheless, some pregnant women still feel that they should go to other people’s weddings.After all, when the relationship is good, when you are happy, you should be present. What should I do?

Pregnant women attend the wedding, it is recommended that a family accompany

Pregnant women knew the disadvantages of attending the wedding and understood the troubles she might encounter.However, I still want to go to the wedding. It is recommended that pregnant women bring a accompanying person and accompany the family to attend the wedding together.

In this way, if a pregnant woman is supervised, she will no longer be greedy for eating, and she will pay special attention to her diet.At the same time, it will also take care of your own safety. Even if you have uncomfortable situations, the company of family members can prevent major accidents from occurring.

In addition, there is also a very important point that pregnant women attend the wedding and are easily disliked.If you are sure that the other party does not care about your pregnant woman’s identity, is willing to invite you from the heart, you can decide to participate.

The premise of pregnant women attending the wedding: others are not disliked, and they can protect themselves

Sometimes, the wedding invitation is that others have to send to pregnant women, not really inviting pregnant women to participate.Others also have their own plans to ensure that the wedding is smooth without accidents.Therefore, even if pregnant women want to attend the wedding, look at the situation and decide.There are many customs in individual regions. They believe that "pregnant women attending other people’s weddings can easily lead to divorce, not auspicious." "Once pregnant women sit in other people’s beds, they will harm others and be infertile."

Therefore, pregnant women want to attend the wedding premise that they must first determine that others are not disliked, and they can protect themselves before they can participate.In short, pregnant mothers are pregnant, and it is advisable to minimize places where there are many people.

Interactive topic: Do you remember, did you attend the wedding of others when you were pregnant?

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