Why is there any edema during pregnancy after women’s pregnancy?How to prevent it?

Women are going to be a mother. October in October, we know that pregnant women will experience a lot of hard work during this time, such as pregnancy vomiting, pain, and edema, which will make pregnant mothers very uncomfortable.The problem of edema.

Most pregnant mothers have swollen hands and feet during their pregnancy, or early or late, which is called edema during pregnancy.Women’s edema during pregnancy is the liquid ingredients in the blood vessels exudate the blood vessels. At this time, when the gap between the tissue is gathered over time, edema occurs.

Generally speaking, edema during pregnancy is prone to 28 weeks after women’s pregnancy.Because at this time, the pregnant mother’s uterus has reached a certain degree, and it may compress the vein return of their own veins. Therefore, the pregnant mother with a bad vein background itself is more likely to lead to edema of the lower limbs during this period.

In addition, pregnant mothers during pregnancy, placental secretion hormones and aldosterone secrete secreted by adrenal glands will increase, and will also cause sodium and moisture retention in their bodies.

The water accumulation in the body, the urine output is relatively reduced, and some pregnant mothers have a heavier anemia. At this time, the plasma protein is low, and the moisture will exudate from the blood vessels to the tissue around the blood vessels.In the middle of the gap, edema will also occur.

Pregnant mothers must have a full rest, because the best thing to eliminate edema during pregnancy is to recover. In the condition of quiet care, the burden of organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys will be reduced.Disappeared.

Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the warmth of themselves. Do not wear tight clothes while keeping warm.Because if you want to eliminate edema, the pregnant mother’s own blood circulation and smooth breathing, so you can’t wear such tight clothes.

Pregnant mothers should eat low salt. After women are pregnant, their own salt and moisture function will be reduced.Therefore, in our daily life, pregnant mothers should try to control their salt intake as much as possible, and the daily salt intake is less than 10g.

It is best to raise your legs before going to bed.That is, the pregnant mother lays flat and raises her legs. It can slowly grow for a long time. Generally, it is 15 to 20 minutes. Another companion can help the pregnant mother.

After becoming a mother, every pregnant mother is not easy. She endured the discomfort brought by all pregnancy alone. It is just for the children to grow and develop healthy and develop. No one can share it for pregnant mothers.Little pain, born healthy children safely.


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