Why is the mother in the late pregnancy so embarrassed?Because pregnant mothers are troubled by several symptoms, how to relieve

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Beibei can be said to be a very lucky mother. In the early pregnancy, others vomited the darkness, but she only felt a little disgusting when she smelled the taste that she didn’t like, and she could eat, drink, sleep, and smoothly.Over early pregnancy.

By the end of pregnancy, her body still felt very comfortable, and she thought that she should spend so comfortably the whole pregnancy.

Beibei has been joking with her girlfriends, saying that she was pregnant with an angel baby, and her child came to report gratitude.

Unexpectedly, in the third trimester, various symptoms followed, and Beibei began to call bitter.”Zero plan”

Before, I often went out to go shopping with my girlfriends, and even traveling, but in the third trimester, Beibei began to refuse any invitation.

And my girlfriend did not see her for a long time, so I went to visit her at home, and found that she hadn’t seen it for more than a month. Beibei was a lot of hazy people, and it felt like she was old.Essence

Symptom 1: Back Pain

After the pregnancy enters the late stage, the body releases puisine, which can make the joints and ligaments more flexible for production.

At this time, the belly is loaded and the joints are relaxed, which will cause the back muscles to be pulled. About 75%of mothers will have symptoms of back pain in the third trimester.

[How to relieve]

① Do the right exercise

The wealthy daughter -in -law, supermodel Mi Mengyao mentioned that she had a bad back pain in the third trimester, and could only relieve yoga.

Indeed, yoga Pulati and swimming can help relieve back pain, especially some abdominal muscles.

② Pay attention to keep the correct body posture

Don’t stand for too long. If you work in a desk, you need to adjust the height and distance of the computer and seat to make your body more comfortable. Put a pillow on the back of the stool, you can remove the power of the waist.

③ Pay attention to clothing

Do not wear high heels in the third trimester. You can try a pregnant woman’s abdomen belt and waist, and hold the hazy abdomen to avoid pressure on the back.

Symptom 2: Urine incontinence

Many people think that there is a leakage of urine after giving birth. In fact, many mothers have leaked urine during the third trimester. When laughing or sneezing, or even cough, urine will be secreted by themselves.

That’s because the muscle of the basin muscle is too much pressure when supporting the bladder. In addition, in order to secrete the loose hormone, the mother’s muscles and ligaments are relaxed. At this time, it is easy to leak urine.

[How to relieve]

The best way is to conduct the Caiger movement to train the bottom muscle.

Symptom three: indigestion

When the fetus is in the mother’s belly, all nutrients must be supplied through the mother.

Therefore, in order to allow children to have more nutrients, hormones will be secreted during pregnancy, letting our digestive system relax, allowing the stomach to accumulate too much gastric acid, and keep food longer in our digestive tract.

Coupled with the uterine increase in the stomach space, the mother is prone to indigestion.

[How to relieve]

Eat less meals and chew slowly. Mom eats slowly while eating. For a long time chewing, it can reduce the burden on our gastrointestinal tract, and eating less meals can also reduce the burden on the digestive tract.

Symptom 4: Insomnia

After entering the third trimester, the back pain is painful, often going to the toilet, and the stomach is not comfortable. In addition, it is not appropriate to lie down.

Therefore, the mother is prone to insomnia in the third trimester, and even when she is asleep, she often has a nightmare because of her mental high level of mental tension, which makes it easy for mothers to have insomnia in the third trimester.

[How to relieve]

It is recommended that the mother buy a pregnant woman’s pillow, and put on the pillow on the mother’s waist, legs and belly, so that the mother can be more comfortable when she sleeps.

You can do some yoga movements before going to bed, or try relaxing breathing surgery to make our mood more relaxed before going to bed.Or listen to some light music that can relax, make the mother feel more relaxed and sleep more comfortably when sleeping.

In addition to the above symptoms in the third trimester, some mothers also have symptoms such as hemorrhoids, stretch marks, heat fever or rib pain.

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