Why is a mixed -race daughter afraid of her mother, it makes people feel heartache!Nana’s mother comes to China, the Du Xiao family really works hard

Du Xiao took the pregnant wife and father, and had to work on a business trip in Shandong. The mixed -race daughter Yu Xin wanted to go with her father. She was afraid that her mother who was far away in Colombia would come to China and take her back.Looking at Yu Xin’s helpless look, Nana was distressed by her daughter.Since Du Xiao’s ex -wife called and asked her daughter Yu Xin to ask for money. I don’t know what the ex -wife said to her daughter on the phone. These days, Yu Xin lost her liveliness and happiness when she returned home.Especially her mother knew that she wanted to eat Colombia’s candy. The mother asked them to pass the address they lived now, so that Yu Xin was in deep fear. She persuaded her dad to change the city to live in a city, for fear of her mother found it.Du Xiao comforts Yu Xin. Don’t be afraid. Her mother has no visa and can’t come to China.However, her daughter remembered that her mother was either crying.When she learned that her father was on a business trip, she also wanted to go with her dad, and she felt that she had no sense of security with her grandmother.Nine -year -old child!Mom is so heartbroken that her mother is so fearful.Nana was pregnant with seven or eight months, and she had to go out with Du Xiao. They came to China for Nana’s mother and brother. The family worked really hard!With effort, there is gain, and Du Xiao has also won the honorary title of the top ten outstanding anchors in Luoyang.

Yu Xin is in Grandpa’s House

I remember that when Yu Xin first came, Dad and Grandpa took her to play in the zoo. Once envy animals, she was better than her eating in Colombia!Now, I know why the little girl said this.Yu Xin returned to China and followed her grandparents. Dad Nana lived happily.What she wants to eat, and the family can satisfy her.She is loved by four adults every day in China. It is really very different compared to living in Colombia.From the last time Du Xiao’s ex -wife and Yu Xin quarreled on the phone, he knew that Du Xiao’s ex -wife was irritable and had no correct family view and marriage concept.After all, people are foreigners. The family outlook and marriage concept are different from the Chinese, but mother love should be the same.From Yu Xin’s fear of dear mother, and deceiving Du Xiao said that her daughter was attending private schools, it took a high tuition fee. Du Xiao sent her to her daughter’s tuition and increased her living expenses from 6,000 yuan per month to 8,000.Yuan RMB, she did not let her daughter study in a private school, and often put her children at home. She went out to play alone, causing the child to lack a sense of security!It’s not a competent mother.

Yu Xin is sick, grandparents are taking care of her

Writer Tolstoy wrote in a book: Happy people are similar, and unfortunate people have their own misfortunes.Yu Xin is unfortunate and lucky. Unfortunately, because the mother regards marriage as a child’s drama and loses a good family.Yu Xin lives together with her mother. Perhaps, her mother will hurt her daughter because of her misfortune.Some of the words that the daughter said to Dad can be judged that her daughter lives in Colombia very badly.Yu Xin went to her grandmother’s house for a few days, living in her grandmother’s house, and her grandmother also collected air -conditioning electricity bills.Du Xiao’s ex -wife was sick, and Yu Xin told his father that his grandmother would not give her mother money, nor would they care about her mother, so she could see the indifference between their loved ones.Yu Xin told her father that her mother asked her to do something. If she didn’t want to do it, and a little disobedience, her mother would take the belt to draw Yu Xin’s dog to scare her.It is also possible that her mother would not exclude the tendency to violence, and let Yu Xin fear her mother.

The daughter gave her home address to her mother, scared

Yu Xin is also lucky at the same time, because she has a wise father who has economic strength to let her daughter return to China from Colombia and return to her side.After Yu Xin returned home, Grandpa and grandma loved her very much. Yu Xin was in Colombia for six years. Every Children’s Day of Children’s Day each year, Grandpa gave her a red envelope to her granddaughter’s red envelope and gave her six years of money.When the granddaughter was not back, Grandpa often woke up in the dream, the granddaughter came back, and Grandpa now woke up in the dream!Grandpa and grandma put the little grandson in his mouth and were afraid of melting, let alone his father. Through the unremitting efforts of the family, he finally let her daughter come back. Du Xiao felt that it was worth it!Although Du Xiao is a workaholic, as soon as he has time, he will accompany his daughter to play and eat. He is very patient with his daughter education. He will never lose his temper for his daughter. Yu Xin loves his father.The mother -in -law Nana is very kind, and it is true to her in -laws and Yu Xin.Seeing the child’s psychological stress too much, she kept comforting her daughter.There is such a hostess in the family that is happiness, which is why Du Xiao has become better and better in recent years.

My daughter is afraid that her mother will pick her up

Du Xiao was not with Yu Xin this time because she went out to work for a long time and it was relatively hard. In addition, Yu Xin had to learn Chinese, so she left Yu Xin at home and took care of her by her grandmother.It is right to keep Yu Xin at home, and quickly let Yu Xin learn Chinese, integrate into Chinese life, go to school as soon as possible, have his own circle of children, and when you have the pressure of learning, you will slowly slowly will slowly slowly.From the shadow of childhood, everyone likes happy and beautiful, cute and sensible Xiao Yuxin!

Cute Xiao Yu Xin, don’t worry that your mother will come to China to pick you up.Your mother now has her own life, and she doesn’t care about you.Colombia is far away from China, and your mother has no financial ability to come to China to find you.Besides, in China, no one can take away you with the protection of grandparents and dads.After studying Chinese well, you can go to the international school to study. There are teachers, classmates, and many good friends in the school.You are the safest in China!

Yu Xin sensually let Dad take care of Nana

Yu Xin is naturally kind, like the old Du family, and is not affected by her mother.Dad took Nana’s mother to work away, and she told Dad about Nana who took care of her pregnancy.Everyone is mutual.Because Nana looked at Yu Xin as if she came out, Yu Xin’s feelings for Nana were also true.The Du Xiao family worked hard for Nana’s mother to come to China in September. Nana’s younger brother would also come to China in the future. Earning money to make money is to make the Nana family reunite.As Du Du said, there is a happy family who has a happy family!Good family, work hard!

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