Why eat folic acid?When do I eat folic acid?Which folic acid to eat?The problem about folic acid is here

Now I know that she should supplement folic acid when preparing for pregnancy, but many pregnant women or pregnant mothers have some doubts about supplementing folic acid. The following content can help pregnant mothers a better understanding of folic acid.

1. Why should pregnant mothers supplement folic acid

About 4-6%of the newborn in each year have defects. Among these defects, the neuropathic deformity ranks among the top three.The main cause of nerve tube malformation is the lack of folic acid in the body. The situation of lack of folic acid in Chinese pregnant mothers is more common. This is related to the eating habits of Chinese people, and the north is more lacking in folic acid than the south, and rural areas are more lacking of folic acid than cities.

2. When preparing for pregnancy, do the man supplement folic acid?

It is also important to supplement folic acid for men during pregnancy.Decreased folic acid will weaken the vitality of sperm. One is to make it difficult to conceive, and the other is to affect the quality of fertilized eggs and increase the chance of chromosomal defects.Therefore, men also need to replenish folic acid. Even if they do not eat folic acid tablets, they can ingest folic acid from their diet and eat more folic acid -rich vegetables, fruits and animal liver.

3. When will the pregnant mother start eating folic acid?

Women who prepare for pregnancy should take folic acid from three months before pregnancy until the first three months after pregnancy.

4. Why take folic acid three months in advance

According to research, women must be corrected after 4 weeks after taking folic acid after taking folic acid.In order to ensure that the embryo can have a better folic acid nutritional state in the early stages of the embryo, folic acid needs to be taken in advance so that the folic acid in the preparation of pregnant women is maintained at a certain level.And it is necessary to take it until the first three months after pregnancy to have the best preventive results.If you eat folic acid, you must take it three months in advance.

5. Do you need to make up for three months without pregnancy?

Folic acid is also called vitamin B9, which is a water -soluble vitamin. The body needs to generate red blood cells. Folic acid can also help synthesize DNA, maintain normal brain function, and folic acid is an important part of spinal fluid.It can be seen that folic acid is a nutrient that everyone needs. Even if you have no pregnancy after taking folic acid for 3 months, you can continue to replenish until you are pregnant.

6. Do you still have to eat folic acid after three months of pregnancy?

Generally, you can stop eating folic acid in the third month after pregnancy, and you don’t need to take the whole pregnancy.To take folic acid to prevent fetal neurotransidal deformities, after the second trimester, the relevant development has been completed, and folic acid will no longer need to supplement.Therefore, you can stop taking folic acid after three months of pregnancy.

However, taking folic acid throughout pregnancy will not have harmful effects on pregnant women and fetuses, and can also prevent anemia and other complications of pregnancy.If you continue to take folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy, the dosage is the same as early.

7. There is no folic acid before pregnancy, and it will only start to supplement after pregnancy. Does it affect the fetus?

It does not matter if you do not supplement folic acid before pregnancy, and you can start to replenish folic acid after pregnancy.In the first three months of pregnancy, it is a critical period for the development of fetal nerve tube. At this time, the pregnant mother supplementing enough folic acid can significantly reduce the deformity of the nerve tube.The danger of the child.

8. Early pregnancy reaction is strong, you ca n’t eat folic acid, or vomit if you eat it. What should I do?

Pregnant mothers with strong early pregnancy reactions can take less meals.You can use a small amount of water to take folic acid tablets. Do not take it on an empty stomach.Or eating more folic acid in diet is also a good way.

9. Do you add folic acid with folic acid during pregnancy, and will it be too much when you drink pregnant women with folic acid?

If the pregnant mother also takes a variety of vitamin’s formulas with a variety of vitamins, it needs to calculate the total amount of vitamins contained in the two.If you do not calculate, you should consult a doctor to avoid excessive amounts, which harms the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

10. Which kind of folic acid is better to buy?

There are many folic acid tablets on the market. Some folic acid tablets also have other functions in addition to folic acid.However, the only prevention drug approved by the state is Slian folic acid supplementary agent. Each tablet contains 0.4 mg of folic acid and can be bought in regular hospitals and pharmacies.Do not blindly believe those folic acids with expensive prices and claim to have other functions.

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