Why does the prospective mother’s belly "long hair"?The old man said it was a male treasure, is this really the case?

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In October, the birth of the fetus is very hard for expectant mothers, and there are some embarrassing things, which will cause trouble to pregnant mothers.Especially for women who love beauty, do not make up during pregnancy.

It is also necessary to endure the deepening of stretch marks and the dilemma of "long hair" on the belly.

Since Qingqing’s pregnancy, her mother -in -law has come to wait carefully. Qingqing is very grateful, but she feels embarrassed.Every time Qingqing takes a bath, her mother -in -law always finds all kinds of excuses to come and take a look.

She was mainly observing Qingqing’s stomach. Later, her husband and mother -in -law reported this. The mother -in -law explained that from the changes in the pregnant woman’s belly, it can be seen that boys and women can be seen, and you don’t understand.

The small two mouths were curious, and the mother -in -law quickly moved out of her parenting scriptures: the navel was pointed, explaining that the boy’s baby, the female treasure was recessed; the boy on the belly was a boy, and the female treasure was not long.

The mother -in -law saw that the green navel was pointed, and she was "long hair" recently. She was very happy. I felt that this child must be a grandson!

Qingqing was a little unhappy, because the hairy on the belly was too ugly, and she felt like she was "men’s mother -in -law", and her mother -in -law said reliable?

After pregnancy, hormones in the expectant mothers will change significantly, and a series of new features will appear in the body. The increase in body hair will increase and become one of them.

Some pregnant mothers grow thinly small hairs in the four weeks of the navel, and some grow a "wool" on the belly. This is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy, and it will disappear after giving birth.

And the skin texture of each pregnant woman is different. Not every mother must grow hairy, some grow very little, some are not long, and they are still smooth.

Other pregnant mothers are worried that they suddenly "have a surge in hair" and will a furry baby be given?This problem is a bit considered, and it will not affect the development of baby.

The gender of the fetus is determined by chromosomes. It is not a change that can be changed after pregnancy, and it cannot reflect gender.

Therefore, there is no scientific basis for this statement, and the experience of the elderly is likely to happen. How do you explain those male treasures with no long belly?

① The raw male treasure of the belly tip

wrong!The shape of the mother’s belly is related to the body shape and pelvic shape of the pregnant mother, and has nothing to do with the sex of the baby.

② Xianhuai Sheng male treasure, otherwise the female treasure is born

Wrong again!Whether or not is related to the location of the pregnant woman’s uterus, the supplementation of the nutrition during pregnancy and the size of the fetus, and has nothing to do with gender.

③ Sour spicy girl

No more wrong!After pregnancy, the hormone level of the expectant mothers changes, and the appetite is different from the past. In the case of loss of appetite, I may want to eat some sour and spicy to stimulate the appetite. This is a normal response.relation.

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Whether it is a boy and a girl, as long as you are healthy, your parents are the greatest blessing.And many folk experiences have no scientific basis, and they must correct their mentality.

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When you are pregnant, have you "long hair" on your stomach?Is there any more now?

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