Why do you take a small confinement after the female flow?What are the consequences without sitting?

As people’s ideas are becoming more and more open, people have been eating "forbidden fruit" earlier.Coupled with the painless abortion advertisement on the street, many ignorant girls "Shangdang" ran to abortion.

According to statistics, there are more than 9 million people in China each year, ranking first in the world. This does not wake up people’s alarm bells for people. Instead, their awareness of people’s flow is getting weaker and weaker.Like the home ", the daughter of Aunt Li’s Aunt Li was deeply killed.

Last week, the school teacher suddenly called, "Your daughter’s face is pale, and when he walks out of the school gate, he fainted directly." The old couple rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

Later, the doctor replied, "Your daughter is not clean because the drug flow is clean, and then the Qing Palace surgery performed in some small hospitals is not thorough, leaving sequelae and leading to major bleeding."

Hey, I don’t know how you are parents and how to educate your children?Aunt Li, who is aggressive, doesn’t know what to do …

Soon after, her daughter woke up and asked her daughter to tell the truth under the warmth of Aunt Li.It turned out that her daughter had been in love early in the second day and was separated from the third day of reading.

After going to high school, I followed another male classmate. After the two stole the banned fruit, they became pregnant shortly (then she was only 17 years old). The male classmates let him fall when they learned of it.Just obey.

Later, I went to the pharmacy to buy the drugs for abortion. In order not to happen to the east window, I took a few days of rest on the grounds of physical discomfort and went back to school, so I had what happened later.

This happened, as a parent, it was very distressed, but it was here. I had to face it. I could only strengthen the psychological counseling of the child to avoid such things in the future.

The doctor also expressed his own opinion. Whether it is an adult or minor, you must take "small confinement" after the flow of people. Now many adult women do not have such consciousness. Usually, they also go to work in a few days of abortion, or they go to work in a few days.In the same room in one month …

In this way, it is easy to cause damage to the body and may cause infertility.

[Why do women take a small confinement after the flow of women?What are the consequences]

Some mothers will feel that they are not having children, just flowing, not so much influence, there is no need to take the "small confinement" at all, and I have seen that it is okay to have a child several times.Pretty healthy.

If you think so, you’re wrong, but you just see the surface. Will you tell you if you have sequelae or other diseases?Therefore, do not test insurance with your body.

In fact, people’s damage to the body is even greater. To know which method is abortion, it is separated from tough means to separate the immature embryo from the uterus.Essence

Even if the medical conditions are developed, they will still cause great trauma to women’s genitals.It will also cause some harm that can not be obviously seen in the naked eye, such as hormone disorders, body organ functional recession, such as uterine cavity infection, uterine cavity adhesion, accumulation of blood, menstrual disorders, uterine perforations, tires are prone to abortion, etc.

Especially women with many flows have ignored more sequelae that is easy to leave.

Therefore, the abortion hurts the body very much. "Little Confinement" has a little longer and wait for the body to recover to minimize the physical injury caused by the abortion.It’s right.

[Little Confinement "how long does it take to sit?]

After surgery, it usually takes half a month to a month, because after the abortion, women’s reproductive organs take about 8 weeks to return to normal."Little confinement" is not easy to cause other diseases, and the possibility of the sequelae will be less likely.

The woman is weak and hopes to cherish herself well. If you are not prepared for your child, please be sure to take contraceptive measures. Don’t ignore it for a sexual experience. The impact of abortion on women is for life.The greater the damage of the body.

At the same time, there are many girls who are in love with early love, and parents must do sex education for their daughters in time.

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