Why do you always have back pain during pregnancy?In addition to psychological reasons, it is often asked by Baoma to ask

I always hear the expectant mothers during pregnancy that she woke up with her back pain and back pain, and it was easy to insomnia at night. By the time of the daytime, she did not sleep.I believe that such a situation should not be in a minority among pregnant women. Where does the problem appear?

There are two important factors: the first is that the mothers are too nervous after pregnancy. After all, the first time I do a mother has no experience, and my heart will inevitably be embarrassed, causing insomnia.The second is that the bed that expectant mothers sleep are too soft, causing physical discomfort and lack of sleep.

After all, the first tension is still a minority.If you are pregnant, a series of moods such as happiness, happiness, happiness, etc. will be reflected on the face. Even if insomnia is happy, you can’t sleep. It will be adjusted for only a period of time.As for back pain, physical discomfort.

Often, the second situation is that many expectant mothers are recruited. When they fall asleep, the soft bed is not known, but I do not know that the soft bed will affect the body and sleep quality of the expectant mother.

First of all, the spine of expectant mothers has changed before pregnancy. The spine will lean forward, lying on the soft large bed, and the spine shows a curved shape, so that the lumbar spine joints that have been pre -song increased.Bend towards the side.Long -term will increase the burden on lumbar muscles, leading to back pain.

Secondly, Shu’s large bed will cause prospective mothers to be in the bed with a big belly, and it is not easy to turn over.It’s like letting adults hold more than 10 pounds of heavy objects on the stomach, lying on the soft bed and experience the sleep for a few nights to sleep.

Not only the large bed, the expectant mothers also avoid lying on the soft sofa and on the lounge chair. As long as it is the furniture that causes spine bending, it should not lie down for a long time.

When choosing a bed, expectant mothers choose hard beds that are easy to turn around, and lay a soft cushion of about 9 cm on the basis of hard beds.In the summer, expectant mothers should keep the mattress breathable and heat dissipate, so that expectant mothers have a comfortable sleeping environment.

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