Why do some women eager to live husband and wife?It is nothing more than these three reasons. Men do not need to be afraid

Xiaoya’s husband has been on a business trip, so Xiaoya sleeps lonely every night.One month later, her husband finally returned, so Xiao Ya wanted to live a husband and wife every night.

At first, my husband was very happy, but every night, the life of the husband and wife and the company was really busy, and also rejected his wife Xiaoya’s request. As a result, Xiaoya thought that her husband did not love her. Even her basic physiological needs did not.Satisfaction, her husband is also very confused. Why did she think so?

In the daily life of husband and wife, why do some women eager to live husband and wife?It is nothing more than these three reasons. Men know, don’t be afraid, then look down.

1. Physiological needs, natural reactions of the body

Women’s longing for husband and wife life is also a very normal thing. Physical needs refer to women’s natural reactions and are physical desires and needs.

Like men, women also have it, and this desire is part of the normal operation of the body.

The increase and reduction of desire is a common phenomenon in women, which is usually related to the physiological cycle, hormonal level and other factors.

Increasing sexual desire can be the body’s instinctual response to the biological instinct of reproduction and reproduction. At the age of reproduction, women’s reproductive systems are in the best state, which will increase their interest and desire for sex.

In addition, the increase in sexual desire may also be related to the sense of joy and satisfaction of sexual activity itself. Women will desire for intimate contact and pleasure in the life of husband and wife

What you need to pay attention to is that the important thing is to understand and respect the physiological needs of women and communicate with your partner.

In the process of satisfying sexual desire, it is important to ensure that the wishes and boundaries of both parties are respected, and the safety and comfort of sexual behavior are ensured.

Everyone should also want to know why women’s sexual desire is sometimes high and low. What factors are the sexual desires of women?

In hormones, women’s sexual desire is affected by sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. The fluctuation of estrogen levels plays an important role in the menstrual cycle. Extraction of estrogen levels before and after menstruation may lead to increased sexual desire.

Eternism is influenced on sexual desire during pregnancy, which is why many people want to have a husband and wife life during pregnancy.

Psychological and emotional state, women’s sexual desire is also affected by psychological and emotional state. Stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional depression may lead to decreased sexual desire.

On the contrary, a happy mood, intimate and good emotional state may enhance sexual desire,

Physical health: Women’s sexual desire may be affected by physical health.

Chronic diseases, surgery, and physiological changes (such as menopause) may have an impact on sexual desire, and the quality of relationships with partners has an important impact on women’s sexual desire.

Factors such as intimacy, communication and mutual support can promote women’s sexual desire.

Each woman is unique, and the influencing factors of sexual desire may be different. To understand their physical and needs, and open communication with partners is the key to establishing a healthy and satisfactory husband and wife life.

It is still important to live a normal and healthy husband and wife life between men and women. Once the relationship becomes unhealthy, it will also cause trouble between men and women.

The life of a healthy couple is the principle of focusing on the physical and emotional health of individuals and partners, and follows the principles of security and mutual respect.

Choose proper contraceptive methods according to personal needs to prevent accidental pregnancy according to personal needs.

At the same time, sexual health protection measures are adopted, such as the correct use of condoms, screening and vaccination of receiving sexual transmission diseases.

This is also necessary to protect the health between the two parties.

Usually, maintaining good health is essential for husband and wife life. Regular physical examinations, managing chronic diseases, maintaining proper weight and healthy lifestyle, such as a balanced diet and moderate exercise.

Pay attention to rest and relaxation, stress and fatigue may affect the life of husband and wife, ensure sufficient rest and relaxation time to increase sexual desire and sexual ability.

All described above are opinions that allow men and women between men and women to live normally and healthy couples. The most important thing is that the life between men and women must be established in a state of consent between both sides.

The life of husband and wife can make the relationship between husband and wife. Whether it is physiological needs, emotional connections, self -recognition and self -confidence, these reasons show why some women are eager for husband and wife life.

Men should not be afraid or confused, but treat women’s needs with respect and understanding.

Meeting the sexual needs of women can help build a healthier and stable emotional relationship, and promote the satisfaction and happiness of each other.

Explore and meet each other’s needs with an open mind, and create a happy life together.

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