Why do some girls get pregnant as soon as they touch, and some can not be pregnant no matter how you toss?

The breath is explosive, and the breath is explosive. Do you say that it is not angry?Some people don’t want children, but they will get pregnant when they touch; and some people have worked hard for a long time, no matter how they toss, they can’t be pregnant.Can anyone tell me why?

do you know?According to statistics from authoritative institutions, there are more than 50 million infertility patients in my country.The data is shocking, that is to say, there are infertile patients in the 29 people in my country.

I have been married to my wife for more than three years, and I have not conceived their children, and the life of her husband and wife has also been tested.I did it almost every day in two months, and then once every two or three days, and it became once or twice a month later.During this time, even the idea of giving up.

Under the persuasion of the parents of both sides, yesterday we went to the reproductive department of the Municipal Hospital for inspection. The reproductive doctor gave me a small tadpole examination and a blood test test. I took a gynecological examination for my wife and took the color Doppler ultrasound.Basically, there is nothing wrong, and then it may be that the time for our house is wrong.

Then the reproductive doctor told us a lot of knowledge that affects the fertility of men and women.

If it is said that the woman happens to be ovulation, her physical condition is good, and the quality of the eggs is discharged.For the man, his little tadpoles are also there are enough, and the movement is sufficient.This is what the old people often say, and they are all available. In this case, it is difficult to get pregnant.

Most of the infertility occurred in the late marriage and childbirth, and there are people who have a history of abortion.If such people are difficult to get pregnant, they must first review whether they have lived the best childbirth age. Men’s best fertility age is 25-35, and the best fertility age of women is 23-30, which exceeds this age group. For some people, some people come.There is a certain fertility risk.The boys’ small tadpoles are insufficient, and the girl’s ovarian is not strong. It is not so easy to get pregnant.

Secondly, see if girls’ menstruation is normal.For those who are often late or early for several days, especially those with very little menstrual flow, it is also difficult to get pregnant.In this case, the lady must pay attention to nourishing blood.

Another is that if the girl is prepared by a sac, although she has a lot of follicles on both sides, it is not mature enough, the follicle quality is poor, and even the phenomenon of difficulty ovulation will be difficult to get pregnant.

There is also a saying called Gong Han. Many girls should have heard that boys may not understand.This situation is also difficult to get pregnant.

Finally, there is a kind of thin physique that is difficult to pregnancy.This kind of lady has less physical flesh, difficult to raise tires, and is easy to be weak and sleepy.

That’s why the standard of choosing a wife in ancient times is to be slightly fat, strong, and even legend that girls with big PP can have boys.This is not no scientific basis.

The young and frivolous, and people regret it until middle -aged.

If you have the above situation, don’t toss blindly, first compare the conditioning and then consider, seek medical treatment in time, and do not know the doctor.


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