Why do pregnant mothers pay attention to why stomach hurts during pregnancy?

What is going on with stomach pain in pregnancy? Many expectant mothers will have stomach pain or stomach pain in the middle of pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy. Why?

1. Physiological abdominal pain

In the early pregnancy, many pregnant women have a feeling of stomach pain, and colleagues also have early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting. This is mainly caused by the increase in gastric acid secretion in early pregnancy in pregnant women.At this time, we should pay attention to diet. The diet should be based on the principle of light and easy digestion. Breakfast can eat some grilled buns or soda biscuits.With the end of early pregnancy, discomfort disappears naturally.

2. Pathological abdominal pain

If pregnant women have abdominal pain in the early pregnancy, especially the lower abdomen pain, we must first think of whether it is a pregnancy complication.Common complications include threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

In the first few months of pregnancy, if a paroxysmal small abdominal pain or regular abdominal pain, low back pain, pelvic pain, the problem may be more complicated.If it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding or a significant sense of lower abdomen, it may indicate a threatened abortion.Specific mothers should move less, bed in bed, do not do a house, do not mention heavy objects, and replenish moisture, and go to the doctor in time.If the pain is intensified or continuously bleeding, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

If a unilateral lower abdomen pain occurs, accompanied by vaginal bleeding or fainting, it may be an ectopic pregnancy, and you should go to the hospital immediately.Some expectant mothers think that abdominal pain may occur in the early pregnancy. It doesn’t matter, just lie in bed and rest.

This kind of blindly adopting a bedtime tire is not advisable. It should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition.

2. The cause of stomach pain in the middle of pregnancy

1. Physiological abdominal pain

When pregnant women are four or five months pregnant, their stomachs suddenly grow up, and then the skin will have a tight feeling. After exercise, she will feel faint pain in the abdomen.Some pregnant mothers continue to stimulate the lower edge of the ribs, which can cause dull pain or pain due to the separation of pubic bones.These conditions are normal physiological reactions after pregnancy. They do not need special treatment. Pay attention to rest. They can also alleviate pain by sleeping on the left lying position.

The activity of the baby in the uterus is called fetal movement, which can be divided into rotation, turning, rolling, beating and high -frequency motion.When the fetal movement just appears, you will feel "wave", like a fish dancing in swimming or bird wings, gently, fleeting.In the future, the strength is getting stronger and stronger. Since 18 weeks of pregnancy, the limbs with complete development of fetal baby will start to move actively. Usually, at this time, the mother can feel it, and even the abdomen can be seen on the surface of the abdomen.To the left, slide to the right at once, sometimes up, sometimes down.

2. Abdominal pain for non -pregnancy cause

Some diseases during pregnancy can also cause abdominal pain in pregnant mothers, but these diseases are not directly related to pregnancy.

Most people suffer from abdominal tenderness when they suffer from acute appendicitis, and pregnant mothers have gradually moved upward because of the baby’s existence, and the tenderness of the right abdomen is gradually moved up with the increase of the pregnancy month.

If abdominal surgery is performed before pregnancy, intestinal adhesion after surgery is often the cause of intestinal obstruction during pregnancy.Lack of typical symptoms of intestinal obstruction, so once you feel abdominal pain and accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, you should go to the hospital for examination early.

Due to the influence of pregnancy physiological changes, if there are gallstone before pregnancy, a little carelessness will easily lead to gallbladder inflammation.

During the inflammation of the gallbladder, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, and pain will cause or intensify due to diet.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to chewing slowly. It is not advisable to eat full meals, and eat less fat content.

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