Why do other people’s goldfish breeding every day, what are our goldfish moved?

Hello everyone, I am the old fish raising, and I have more knowledge about fish breeding and breeding practical knowledge. Please pay attention to let us easily raise water and raise fish happily!

There are often fish friends who come to ask the old fish in fishing in this season, about their breeding problems such as goldfish or other tropical fish.

In short, the goldfish or mini parrot, swallow, colorful, etc. that the goldfish or mini -mini, etc., obviously reached the age that should be breed, and it seems that all conditions are normal.What about moving?

Does we say that we have raised a cylinder?This phenomenon is minimal, of course, it is not without this, but this is just a special case.

So what are the reasons for this?Assuming that our ornamental fish, they are all very healthy.

This is the first point we need to know, that is most of the ornamental fish. They are not penguins or turtles, and they can collect a lot of reproduction on the beach.

Most of the goldfish or various tropical fish we raise or various tropical fish will be related to the breeding conditions we provide.

This includes:

Water temperature problems, water quality problems, light background issues, that is, psychological factors, breeding density problems, water level high and low problems, egg production stimulus and many factors.

And if our water quality and the physical problems of ornamental fish are all good, it can affect the normal breeding of ornamental fish. The two most critical factor, that is::

Rest density and ovulation stimulation.

In this way, we can give you a few examples here. We can understand through these examples.

Just like my two -cylinder goldfish, at the beginning, they were separated from the butterfliet tail and gilt gold.

Under the condition of basically the same water quality, water temperature, and feeding conditions, the butterfly tail goldfish has been breeding, and the golden fish, seven or eight centimeters of fish, raised in a naked tank of 80 cm.At first I thought they might be young.

As a result, when I moved these eight golden golds to the big fish tank and lived with the butterfliet tail, they soon appeared to chase the spawning, that is, within two or three days.

The reason is very simple, because the rearing density at the beginning is too large. This is a reason. Another is that there is no eggplant and the stimulus of water plants. Only after these two requirements are met, they can quickly enter the reproduction period. Of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of courseThe water temperature must also reach about 18 degrees.

In addition, it will also involve a problem of a height of the water level. This problem is actually very important. For goldfish, especially the traditional goldfish, if the water level is too high, they cannot pursue and swim normally. It may be possible.It is in a half -drifting state all day, and even your normal actions will be limited, and of course it is impossible to breed smoothly.

Let’s make another example. The little swallow fish that I raised last year was finally in addition to the worshipers and the giving away from Uncle Zou, and there were three dispersion.It was said that it should be the age that should be breed, but no movement was seen at all.

A few days ago, I suggested that they are raised separately in a 60 cm square cylinder, and a spawning barrel is placed. After three days of entering the cylinder, two of the swallows are automatically paired, and another female is very high.Bullying, I had to take it away again. On the second day it was lifted, the remaining two swallows were spawning and breeding smoothly.

However, due to the first spawning, the survival rate was not high, and finally gave up temporarily, waiting for the next nest to continue.

And the remaining female, we equipped it with a male fish, and also placed a spawning barrel, but because the water quality of the other cylinder was not very good, we put in a clear Daofu to deal with moss. These two swallows fish.It was also delayed. After the moss was removed, the day when the Clear Daofu was removed, the pair of swallows appeared on the board, and it should soon enter the reproduction.

Many cichlids we have raised in the family of ornamental fish, such as map fish, red -tailed crown, South American short bream, mini parrot fish, etc., will cause them to reproduce at all due to these reasons.A problem of excessive feeding density and whether it is incubated.

Of course, if it is in the early stage, our feeding density cannot be too low. Generally, we should choose a fish tank of 80 cm to raise a pair of sub -adult fish. When the sexual maturity period, the spawning barrel, pottery can, and wide leaves are placed.Aquatic plants, etc., stimulate them to be paired by themselves. After pairing, we will choose single -cylinder breeding as appropriate to promote their normal reproduction.

Here I only take tiger skin fish as an example. In my videos and articles, I have mentioned many ways to breed the tiger fish. Many fishermen have been asking, why do n’t I go to breeding, tell you the truth, I do n’t have that one without that.If you have been breeding, you have not taken it seriously. At present, the so -called tropical fish here has not been warm up. I have no time to hatch the rich fish fry.

However, there is a fisherman who has successfully breeds the three -nest tiger skin fish according to the method I introduced. There have been in my video. For these small tropical fish, they also need a certain spawning space and.Incubation, if the feeding density in the fish tank is too large, they will not reproduce.

After we need to raise them to adulthood, the single -cylinder breed alone. The male and female ratio can be paired, or two male and one mother. It is similar to the principle of breeding goldfish.The most inflated female and the most sturdy male fish in the abdomen can reproduce normally after they adapt to the environment, water temperature, and water quality.

Other fish friends have successfully breed zebra fish. The reason is similar to tiger skin fish. It is not as high as tiger and tiger fish as high and so strict for water quality and water temperature requirements. They can all breed normally.

Furthermore, we have to have that patiently breeding and waiting, do we have no breeding?

There is no such possibility. Most of them are caused by water quality and water temperature, or environmental factors have not yet reached estrus and psychological fear.In exchange, the more frequent the water quality or the internal environment of the fish tank is fiddled with the environment.

Recently, many fishermen will also respond. After entering the fish tank, the goldfish I just bought, and I started chasing or laying eggs. I do n’t know what to do. There are no density problems and spawning?

One of these reasons is based on the age and season that they should breed, the other is from environmental mutations, high water temperature, and excessive stimulation of new water. These phenomena may occur, which is not surprising at all.

However, assuming that we want these ornamental fish to breed normally, the spawning rate, high incubation rate, and strong physique of small fish fry must provide their suitable environment and conditions, rather than as long as we can, we will go, we will go to go.It will not be possible to raise your ornamental fish into the explosion.

If our various conditions cannot be met at all, don’t let them reproduce well.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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