Why do many women want children not to men?In addition to women’s changes, there are 3 reasons

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Women have changed and found that this is the general communication of many men in emotional counseling.

Why do you say women have changed?

Reader Mr. Chen said that he had been married to his wife for more than ten years and had three children, but recently her wife had to divorce him.He didn’t want to divorce, he said, "We all have three children and divorce, and I can’t accept it."

Mr. Chen felt that his wife must be bewildered or deceived.

In life, some men always feel good in their marriage.They can’t see women’s dedication, and they can’t see the grievances of women, but they will feel that women are happy with themselves.

When a woman is disappointed with men and choosing to leave, these men will feel that women have changed, they become inadequate, and they become uncomfortable.

Mr. Chen felt that his wife and herself had three children, and it was impossible to divorce himself so cruelly.

Such an idea may be used for more than ten or twenty years ago, but today, the women have really changed.

Women have become independent, not only in terms of economy, but also more and more attention to "self".When the woman who turned around the man and the child all day disappeared, the man’s world collapsed.

Women have changed and become strong.Not only the woman in the marriage has the confidence of leaving a man, but also gives many women the courage to insist on their dreams and wait for true love.

Hong Huang said that many women want baby not to men, because women do not want to wait for a family like a nanny.Her sentence is used to respond to Yu Minhong.

A few days ago, Yu Minhong said, "A woman’s life is incomplete." A stone stirred thousands of waves.

That’s right, in the hearts of most women, if there is no child, his life is incomplete.So some young single women are anxious to marry themselves before the age of 35.

The reason why women are anxious are not because Nian Hua is easy to pass, but because she becomes an elderly pregnant woman, or even lost her fertility. In this life, she cannot become a mother.

As a result, some women will marry themselves, while others choose as long as the child does not want a man.

Remember the single female boss with a annual salary of one million, do you want to have children to have children with childbirth?Although many people do not agree with her behavior, she does do what many women want to do but dare not do.

Why do many women want children not to men?In addition to the stronger woman, there are three reasons below.

As long as the economy is guaranteed, women will not have much problem even if they live in a single life.The only woman who needs to face for a long time is "loneliness".

When the relatives around him left one by one, the friends around him were busy living a good life. Women who chose a single can only be alone with themselves.

It is not terrible to wander a person in this world. The terrible thing is that your soul is not relied on. None of the places that can carry the soul and let it rest.

Most of the women who are unwilling to enter the marriage, most of the women who choose single have been disappointed with marriage and men.Marriage is no longer a harbor. Men’s shoulders are no longer warm. What women can think of is to have a child belonging to themselves.

This child will become a woman’s spiritual support, and is the cause of motivating women to work hard.

Not all women enter the marriage, and they are disappointed with marriage after seeing the unbearable marriage.As the divorce rate continues to rise, the exposure of the "evil" in marriage and family, marriage is no longer a harbor for women, and it may be a land that nourishes "evil".

More and more women are wandering in front of marriage, hesitating between knots and no end.

Women’s disappointment of marriage reflects women’s disappointment with men.As Hong Huang said, no woman is willing to become a nanny of a family.

If a man’s requirements for women and themselves are still staying decades ago, I hope that women can sacrifice at any time for the family, and hope that they can stay away from housework and only work hard …

Holding these ideas to live in these ideas will only make women more and more disappointed with men and marriage. The end result is that women want children and do not want men.

It can be said that everyone has at least two faces, one is a real self, and the other is to adapt to self -pretending to adapt to the law of survival.

When a woman’s situation is weak, a woman has to bring a mask for 24 hours to be a "self" herself.

Everyone wants to be frank and easily, but not everyone can do it, especially women.Only when a woman has more rights to speak, self -awakening will be awakened.

For these women, they will not easily compromise, let alone.If you do n’t like it, you do n’t like it. If you want to do one thing, you will work hard to achieve it.

Just like those women who don’t want to have children, they feel that "my life is the master, you can not agree with me, but you must accept different voices in this world."

Women want children not to face difficulties that ordinary people cannot imagine.They need to face the disappointment and doubts of their loved ones. In the future, they need to face their children’s questions, as well as various sights and sounds from life.

If a woman’s heart is not strong enough, she cannot face these sounds.

No woman is born to hate marriage. Most of the injuries of adults come from childhood and their native families.Some people say that those women who want children not men are selfish. They only think of themselves and never think of children and family members.

For children, in order to maintain the decent of the family, choose to sacrifice the self of the woman, will it be a marriage, is it selfish?

It is not that women have changed, but that everyone’s thoughts should change.When marriage is not just to sacrifice herself without bottom line, when men bring to women more than crying, how can women not want men?

Today’s topic: How do you think that many women want children to do without men?

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