Why did my husband quarrel with you?

Do you have the same idea as me and think that you are pregnant. This is the most special and important period of a woman’s life. Her husband will definitely take care of himself during this period.

But this is not the case. Most of the husbands are still my own. When they are arguing with pregnant mothers, they will not be concessions. There may be a pair of more reasonable rhythms.

Many sisters will say sadly that men will not be considerate of your hard work because you are pregnant, tolerate your temper, you should be noisy or noisy. The truth is like this.

Of course, I also have such a sand sculpture husband. I regretted myself many times, why did I marry a person?Why give this kind of child?With a few times of pregnancy, he was so angry that he couldn’t sleep!

I was 5 months pregnant at the time

Follow -up because of other things are still noisy

After a few days, the mood is still very low

The screenshots of these WeChat friends circles are the evidence I have left when I was sad. It is really desperate and collapsed. How much warmth and touch will I use in the future to make up for the pain that I have left in my heart at night?

When I calmed down, I found that the quarrel was useless. When you hysterically, my mother -in -law did not help, my husband did not love, when you want to comfort and understand, only the middle -aged parents are worried that you are nervous about you. You are like a clown like a clown.The editor directed a farce. No one changed in the process. Regardless of whether you are ignorant or not, you still have to live as usual.

I’m thinking, why is this situation?Shouldn’t we really be treated differently?Is it really worth mentioning that the hard work in October?After I summarized, I found out that the following reasons caused most of the unfortunate experiences of pregnant mothers.

1. Husband is immature and lacks responsibility

Men of the same age are generally not as psychologically not as mature as women. This is a recognized fact in society. If the boy we marry is still the only child in the family, he still lacks responsibility in most cases.

When the child’s husband became a father, it was impossible to make him mature at once, especially when you were pregnant, he would also bear some housework. Compared with the more time before, he would feel good.I don’t think I should take care of you more emotionally. He will think that he has changed so much. Why are you not satisfied?Speaking of the grievances of his stomach …

This is the problem of pattern. If his heart is as much as he does more and spend more, even more is a lot of tongue. With the sisters of this husband, we still adjust our own mentality.The child is going to give birth to himself. Everything has become a foregone conclusion. It is useless to regret it. He can only continue to live frankly.

Second, my mother -in -law participates in life too much and does not play a good role

We are daughter -in -law, and we all hope to have a good relationship with my mother -in -law. My mother -in -law is good to us. We will be better for her. This is also a manifestation of our loved husband.

At first, I could get along well with my mother -in -law. When did it change from?Do you usually meet too much contact, and see that his son is too jealous to his daughter -in -law?Or because I have always been the hostess at home, and do I want to be the hostess at our family?Maybe it ’s not possible. In short, my mother -in -law is not a mother. Keeping a proper distance. How can I get along with each other is the wisdom of our daughter -in -law.

I remember when I was pregnant, my mother -in -law told me and my husband about the history of her pregnancy. I did not delay the mountains and the firewood on the mountain for 6 months.I didn’t feel much about it once, but I did n’t have to pay too much attention to my husband. Women will be pregnant and have children. You see that my mother does so many lives that I have a healthy impression.

In the first two months of pregnancy, I had a very hard work. I was pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy. My husband had no performance in behavior and thought. I was dissatisfied but I didn’t know how to express it. I finally broke out!

It may be that my villain’s heart is the belly of the gentleman. I prefer to believe that my mother -in -law just tells us about her history. There is no idea that my son made his son work more because of pregnancy.

Several things happened later, and I was unwilling to remember here.Now, my husband and I rarely go back to my mother -in -law’s house. One is that my stomach is big and my upstairs is strenuous. After we find that the contact with my husband is really less, this calm life still makes it continue to continue it.For a while …

Third, the secretion of hormone secretion during pregnancy, or even depression

To say why the mother is great, because she has endured various discomfort in her body, insomnia, dizziness, frequent urination, chest tightness and shortness of breath, but still feel happy for the two heartbeats in the body, to capture the little guy at a time to capture the little guy at a timeThe fetus moved and excited.Even if the body suffers more pain and is willing.

Pregnant women are very sensitive during pregnancy. When she sees video and movies, she will cry strangely. She will always have an inexplicable mood. Is it intention to do this intentionally?People with a certain period of pregnancy during pregnancy, of course, know that this is not the case, but if you know very little husbands who know very little during pregnancy, you will naturally feel that the prospective mother is inexplicable. If you have a good temper, you will vomit with others.Woke up……

Whether you get married, and you are pregnant, it is a practice of life. This has just begun. The days in the future are still long. The simple analysis summarizes the reason why I quarreled with my husband.Sad.Only by constantly summarizing the past and reflecting on ourselves can happiness be created by ourselves.

I wish each pregnant mother through a happy pregnancy and welcome the arrival of the little guy!

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