Why cause kidney water during pregnancy?For these precautions, pregnant mothers need to know

Women will grow constantly after pregnancy, and their stomachs will increase.As the uterus is getting larger and larger in a limited capacity, it may compress the kidneys and cause kidney water.Kidney accumulated water will increase a large amount of urine accumulation, increase the pressure of the kidneys, and cause serious damage to the kidneys.

After pregnancy, the uterus will become larger and larger, and it will inevitably cause oppression to the kidneys, so that the expectant mothers during pregnancy will have mild kidney hydrocephalus. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Don’t worry too much. Generally, this symptoms after giving birth will be born.It will disappear.The physiological kidney accumulation will not have obvious pain. The patient’s side lying upward can be relieved. When the accumulated kidney water usually occurs on the right side, the left side position can reduce the burden on the kidneys.

Pathological water accumulation will have severe pain. Patients must choose a regular hospital for treatment and choose the appropriate treatment method according to the condition.Mild patients can use ordinary drugs. If the condition is severe or the cause is complicated, it should be drained by the method of piercing the kidney fistula by the skin.Patients with severe renal water must remove the kidneys. If they cannot perform surgery, they should be placed.

1. Do not eat high sodium foods and foods with high oxalic acid

Patients with kidney water accumulation are mainly salt. Try not to eat high sodium -containing foods, such as ham, bacon marinated foods, and salted fish, otherwise it will cause water sodium to stay and increase kidney water. You may choose honey or white white or white.Radish to clear the waterway.The urinary tract stones can also cause kidney water, so you cannot eat foods with high oxide, such as potatoes, bamboo shoots, black tea, orange or spinach.

2. Can’t high purine food

Patients with accumulation of kidney water try not to eat high purine foods, such as animal organs, Yunnan seaweed or shiitake mushrooms. In addition, protein intake should be controlled to avoid aggravating the burden on the kidneys.In addition, stay away from spicy irritating and fried and marinated foods, such as seafood, crab, fish or yellow croaker, etc., quit tobacco and alcohol, so as not to make the condition worsen.

Kind tips

Slightly not noticed during pregnancy, it may cause accumulation of kidney water, causing abdominal pain.When pregnant women are pregnant, they should be vigilant, avoid urination, and urinate should be discharged in time.Patients should choose a regular hospital for treatment, and they must not listen to the small recipe.7-8 months of pregnancy, if the abdominal and waist pain are unbearable at night, you should go to the hospital for kidney examination in time to see if there is accumulated kidney water.

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