Why can’t you stop when you eat melon seeds and potato chips?Finally found the reason!

As soon as the seedlings were opened, they were eaten one after another until they were dry.Potato chips, desserts, fried foods, can’t stop eating, are too addictive …

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Why is it easy for melon seeds to be addicted?

Why can’t you stop the seeds of melon?Dr. Xu Jiajun, a doctor of Psychological Health Center of the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, posted a post in the public account of his hospital in 2023 that this would be mentioned that the psychological "reward" mechanism was mentioned.

People always hope that they can immediately return or be praised immediately after they pay. When this return arrives as scheduled, it will become a "reward" to inspire themselves to continue to pay.However, if the return does not appear or delayed as expected, then this sense of happiness is not so strong, and it may not be able to achieve an incentive effect.

Melon seeds are very typical "timely returns after paying". The action of melon seeds is "giving", and every melon seeds can be eaten immediately.This situation that meets its expectations immediately becomes a reality, and it becomes a "reward", encouraging yourself to continue to repeat this action.①

The "melon seed effect" is endless in life. For example, many people are obsessed with games. One of the important psychological levels is that they will get bonus rewards in the game.I’m going to sleep for a while, but the big data pushes you all you like. You can easily get satisfaction without paying much effort, so you can’t stop when you watch short videos.

The nutritionist Li Yuanyuan issued a document in the Health Times in 2016 reminded that it is not tight to eat the seedlings in moderation, but it should be leisurely.Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines recommend eating 50 grams of nutrients per week (referring to the nuts after peeling). Therefore, it is recommended that the melon seeds taken every week should not exceed 50 grams, and it is converted into leather seeds.It is enough to eat a small hand every day.②

These foods are also easy to eat addiction!

1. Spicy food

Many people eat "no spicy or not". If there is no spicy food in the daily meals, they feel faint.This is not only delicious food with pepper, but also has a great relationship with another substance that is happy -endorphins.

Chili is rich in pepper. When peppercapsylomas are in contact with nerve, our brain thinks that the body is hurt and painful.In order to eliminate this pain, the brain will release endorphins. While balanced the "pain" brought by pepper, it can also be combined with morphine receptors to create a feeling of happiness and happiness in the body.This is why everyone eats hot pot to get hot, but it is the reason why they can’t stop chopsticks.①

2. Fried food

Especially for potato chips, it is a kind of fried food that is easy to "addicted".Looking at it alone, a thin piece of potato chips is also okay. The key problem is that few people stopped after eating a piece of potato chips. As soon as they reached out, they had finished eating a box inadvertently.Coupled with the sound of potato chips, the sound of the potato chips is also very confusing. As long as the people next to them eat potato chips, you may let you join them.①

3, sweets

Eating sweets can be happy, because sweets can secrete dopamine, such as ice cream, cake, candy, etc.The intake of sugar and neural activity affect each other. For example, if you are in a bad mood, eating sweets will alleviate this emotion. Even if it is relieved, it is only temporary, but the body will remember this reaction.In the case, the first reaction will seek the help of "sugar", which depends on sugar.

In addition, the more sweets are eaten, the greater the tolerance of "sugar". For example, you have never added sugar before drinking milk, but one day adds three -point sugar to feel delicious, so you are getting used to three -pointers sugar sugar.It may be that seven -point sugar and whole sugar can be satisfied in the future, and the sugar is increasing.①

Prevent food addiction, teach you a trick!

Food addiction will not only make people gain weight, but also cause a series of physical problems. At the same time, the psychological impact of the psychological impact should not be ignored. When you find that you may be very dependent on a certain food, you will not eat or finish it.Very irritable and anxious, so the best way is to seek the help of a professional psychologist.

For those who are not addicted to food, we are more important to do a good job of prevention-

1. Don’t keep yourself in a state of excessive hunger.Studies believe that it is more likely to cause food addiction in a state of excessive hunger.Try to make yourself full of fullness to avoid great fluctuations in blood sugar in the body and the emergence of strong hunger.

2. Understand the food that is easy to be addictive. When eating, consciously "fight" with dopamine to control the intake.

3. Learn to release stress and relieve anxiety through other channels, such as appropriate exercise, communication and complaints with friends and family.①

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Source: Health Times

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