Why are pregnant women more prone to constipation?

The whole process of pregnancy is very difficult. Pregnant women are usually exhausted and nausea, and their feet will swell like a hot water bag with toes.Moreover, more than half of pregnant women must fight constipation. Constipation generally appears in the first three months of pregnancy. If it is not actively treated, it may last for several weeks.The following five points are the reasons why women are constipated during pregnancy:

1. The change of hormones

In the first three months, the hormones in women will change significantly, release too much progesterone, which affects the contraction of the muscle.If the muscles around the intestine become too relaxed, they cannot promote food and digestion.Therefore, with the increase of progesterone, the digestive function of pregnant women is not as good as before, and the intestinal digestive food needs more time.

2. Increase the demand for water

Water is critical to the healthy development of the fetus.It can not only help blood circulation, provide nutrition for the fetus and pregnant women, but also help the mother and child metabolize waste.Women’s blood capacity during pregnancy will increase by 50%, so they must increase the amount of moisture during pregnancy.As the demand for water during pregnancy is getting greater, the intestinal tract will absorb more water during digestion, which makes it difficult for the feces to pass in the intestine; what is worse is that the secretion of progesterone also hinders intestinal movement.Essence

3. The pressure brought by the fetus

As the fetus continues to increase, the colon of pregnant women will be under more pressure.And the later, when the baby grows bigger, most of the important organs will squeeze up the ribs upward, while the fetus occupies the abdomen.So for some expectant mothers, this will lead to constipation of late pregnancy.

4. Nutrients taken before giving birth

Most doctors will open some nutrients taken before giving birth to ensure that their mothers and fetuses can supplement enough nutrition.Many pregnant women also take nutrients containing iron to ensure that the body can be sufficient.But unfortunately, many nutrients that supplemented iron supplements can cause pregnant women’s endocrine disorders and slow bowel empty.If you do not take pure natural and extra nutrition from plants, you may cause constipation.Because plants are rich in fiber, the iron extracted from plants is more milder than iron extracted from minerals and animals, which can promote intestinal digestion.

5. Improper diet leads to constipation

Fast food, refined sugar and meat contains very little fibers, which can only increase the burden of digestive tract, which is likely to cause constipation.There are also coffee, chocolate, and unfamiliar banana.You can evaluate your own diet to see if you eat too much culprits of these constipation, and try to replace them with fiber -rich fruits and vegetables, oatmeal.

So if constipation occurs during pregnancy, how can we deal with it?Most doctors recommend using natural, drug -free methods to treat constipation.This does not mean that it takes more time to sit on the toilet, and excessive force during defecation may cause hemorrhoids and even anal fissures.Improvement of diet structure and living habits can slow down the symptoms of constipation.

1. Eat more vegetables

Many foods have a natural laxative effect, because most of the fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans contain a large amount of fiber. These fibers can promote the formation of feces and help intestinal peristalsis.At the same time, water intake can be appropriately increased.

2. Try low -intensity exercise

It is not convenient to move during pregnancy and have certain risks, but scientific and proper exercise can improve the health of pregnant women and promote fetal development.Many doctors recommend some low -intensity exercises, such as swimming, short -distance walking or soothing stretching movements. The easiest way is to move around at home.Of course, consult the doctor’s suggestion before exercise, and it is best to accompany professional coaches during exercise.

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